How can I fix my crooked smile/ face?

What can i do to fix my crooked smile and my face. one side of my face is disproportional to the other, the left side of my face seems “bigger” than the other side! Also around my mouth are all those marks that i hate (see arrows in pics)! What can I do to fix this! also another weird thing, if i take a selfie using my iPhone camera (pic 1) i look disproportional, but if i take a selfie on snapchat w/ same iphone i look fine (pic 2), seems like one is reversed. please help me!!!!!

Regarding the face, It is best to consult the plastic surgeon, although a little asymmetry is normal, but again it depends on what you want that is important.
​ Regarding your smile you have some options:
​1- Best is orthodontics, and braces, in which it will take time
​2- possibly veneers or lumineers to fill in the black corridor ( the space between your lips and teeth) to make them in line
for more on veneers click here:
​3- dental bonding to add composite dental material, you can learn more about bonding techniques here:
​4- cosmetic contouring of your smile line in conjunction with above
​Please note, a complete evaluation by a cosmetic dentist is necessary prior to having any of the above done, to guide regarding the pros and cons of each procedure. For more on best dental check up click here: