Looking for a more experienced dentist for advise, after root canal

I’ve been going to NYU dental, seen several students and visits. Had several “normal” x-rays, not chewing on the side for two years, then finally having a root canal done in April 2015. I’m here wondering my next step. Last week Thursday, I went for the temporary crown, and still the tooth has sensitivity when biting the softest things. I don’t think a permanent crown will help. I shouldn’t feel this seven months after a root canal. Considering removal & implant if canal re-treatment is needed.

You should see the dentist or the Endodontist who worked on your tooth and go for post-op!
​It is possible that the tooth is traumatized and you might need a bite adjustment, or possibly the infection from the nerve is not all removed or possibly the tooth is cracked.
​If the crack is under the bone, then you need to extract tooth and place a tooth implant with a crown after.
​If the crack is above the gum you can salvage your tooth and have a crown to be placed, after necessary build up and preparation of your tooth. For more information on crowns click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/
​See a root canal specialist, let him tell you if the tooth can be saved.
​If it was my tooth, I would much rather to have my tooth saved rather than a dental implant !
For more information on tooth implant click here : https://www.celebritydentist.com/dental-implants/

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