Porcelain Veneer Cost on one tooth?


It is best to consult the general, restorative dentist regarding your front teeth smile line and have a complete mouth evaluation and examination. Then, see an orthodontist since this will be the least invasive dental treatment. It will take some time, but it is worth it.
A cosmetic dentist can do the treatment for you. Still, it will be a radical treatment, which can involve a root canal and a porcelain crown restoration in combination with porcelain veneers, which is more costly. Still, in a short time, you get what you want. A bite analysis is a must before commencing any of the above treatments.
A third option is to combine tooth movement with an orthodontist and have porcelain restorations done by a cosmetic dentist to have instant orthodontic treatment.
You can check from my website, what is involved in full mouth evaluation; click below:

Why Full Mouth Evaluation & Examination is Necessary, Before you Ask the Price!

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