Porcelain Veneer Cost on one tooth?


It is best to first consult the restorative general dentist first in regards to your front teeth, smile line and have a full mouth evaluation and examination done, and then see an orthodontist period. Since this will be the least invasive dental treatment. It will take some time, but it is worth it.
A cosmetic dentist, can possibly do the treatment for you, but it will be a radical treatment , which can involve root canal and a porcelain crown restoration in combination with porcelain veneers, in which is more costly but in short duration of time you get what you wanted. A bite analysis is a must prior to commencing any of the above treatment.
A third option is to have combination of tooth movement with orthodontist and have porcelain restorations done with cosmetic dentist to have instant orthodontic treatment.
You can check from my website, what is involved in full mouth evaluation, click below:

Why Full Mouth Evaluation & Examination is Necessary, Before you Ask the Price!

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