Can I whiten my front two crowns? and how much ?

q: I have had caps on my front two teeth since I have been 16, and I am now 19. I also don’t know which dentist to trust. Are there any guidelines to follow? How much should the procedure roughly cost as well?

a: Unfortunately, you can not whiten or bleach your two front porcelain crowns or caps!
​The only way you can change the color is to have two new front porcelain crowns.

There is another possible way by cosmetic dentists to prepare the front of your caps like a veneer, depending on the porcelain material your cosmetic dentist previously used, and veneer whiter and brighter porcelain on the front teeth. However, a complete evaluation is necessary. The cost can range widely depending on the expertise of a general dentist to an expert cosmetic dentist or prosthodontist.
​ Usually, the range can be from $1750 to about four or five thousand per tooth after the dentist has completed their evaluation.
​ If you are thinking of getting whiter crowns anyway, do your teeth whitening and bleaching before changing your crowns, and at least wait a few months before you change your front porcelain crowns, so the exact color you desire can be matched to your new crowns.
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