Dental crowns Zirconia on front (lower +upper) and jaw pain after that ?

I have very mild fluorosis on my upper front tooth but the real problem was with canine tooth since there was a deep line in between and had grown with a sharp edge below the deep line .It looked odd and the dentist cut down to the line .but the canine tooth seemed short when compared to other after years I visited few dentists and all of them suggested zirconia crowns. having them in upper n lower 6 but I feel unnatural jaw pain too after that.suggestions ? Doc did right thing ?

Zirconia crowns in my opinion for the front teeth are not aesthetically pleasing ! Having said that they are extremely hard porcelain, in which can transfer the forces of your bite much more to the roots of your teeth, which can cause pain and discomfort.
​Over preparation of your teeth can also cause pain and discomfort also, which I can not diagnose here.
​I advise you to see an expert dentist, to take xrays regarding fit of your zerconia crowns to begin with, and after check your bite and occlusion to see if any adjustments is necessary !
​Usually hyper occlusion can cause pain and discomfort.
​Be aware that adjusting zerconia crowns and polishing them back to the original luster is a bit time consuming and difficult task.
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