Is it possible to get bonding after I take my veneers off?

I have 2 cracked front teeth and use to have them get bonded, I got my veneers 3 years ago but now I want to take them off to get teeth whitened. After I would like to use bonding instead of veneers because of the cost. So I was just wondering if it is possible because I know enamel have been taken off from the veneer preparation and it seems like my real teeth looks worse than before the veneers because the dentist took so much enamel off.

Yes you can get dental bonding after you take off the veneers. for more information on front teeth bonding click here:

The problem I have with saying that, is because some patients think they got veneers but they really have a 3/4 crown, and that still can have dental bonding substituted, however depending on your bite it might not last long !
​True porcelain veneers or thin veneers, can be substituted by bonding, and that depends on your bite and how much tooth structure has been removed from the incisal edge of your front teeth? read about true porcelain veneers here :

​It is best to do your teeth bleaching before removal of your porcelain veneers, and once you got a satisfactory color remove your veneers, but be aware that the bleaching and whitening of your teeth is not permanent, and after a while the color can reverse itself ! read more on teeth bleaching and whitening here:

​If you do want to have piece of mind, let the cosmetic dentist advise you on whether it is wise to substitute them with another veneer or dental bonding !

​The dentist will see exactly how much tooth has been removed and what your bite looks like, and whether your bite can tolerate a composite restoration or porcelain restoration better? depending on the tooth preparation of your previous dentist