Which is more expensive, a dental cap or veneer? What’s the difference between two?


Porcelain veneers by far are the least invasive vs Porcelain crowns.
When having porcelain veneers more of your precious tooth structure is salvaged, and it is more conservative procedure than dental crowns.For more indications for porcelain crowns click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/

​ Cosmetically speaking veneers look far better than crowns.
​ It is best if a patient is seeking cosmetic dentistry procedure to have veneer done, and conserve precious tooth structure rather than cutting 50 to 70% of the tooth off. The less tooth structure removal the better for you, ( the patient ).
​ Keep in mind that if need be, the dentist can always turn a porcelain veneers restoration into a dental crown, but once you have a dental crown you can not get a veneer! for more information on porcelain veneers indications, click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-veneers/

​ Patients with veneers encounter less problems, vs dental crowns, however there are situations beyond the scope of this answer, in which a dental crown is indicated.

​ Regarding the cost of porcelain veneers vs porcelain crowns:

​ Generally speaking porcelain veneers are more expensive than porcelain crowns, due to technique sensitivity and protocol, however there are situations in the aesthetic zone ( the front teeth ), in which the cost of crowns can be much more than veneers.With an expert cosmetic dentist, it is case by case.

​ Also be informed in the situation of combination of veneers and crowns in front teeth, the cost can also be more expensive, than if it all the teeth were all dental veneers, or all teeth needed porcelain crowns. for more info on veneers, crowns,dental bonds click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/veneers-vs-crowns-vs-dental-tooth-bonding/

​ The cost of dental crowns also vary if certain porcelains is needed due to your bite, occlusion (function) and cosmetic needs, such as using Emax, or Zerconia porcelain vs a regular porcelain material.

​ Redoing existing porcelain veneers or zerconia porcelain crowns, also can have different variable fees, since removal of existing zerconia or emax crowns can take much longer for the dentist vs removal of porcelain fused to gold crowns, and it is case by case! For more information on Emax and Zerconia crowns click here:https://www.celebritydentist.com/emax-crowns/

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