What Diet Should You Follow After Whitening Your Teeth?

Forget the Keto diet or Paleo. Forget Jillian Michael’s latest weight loss food plan. If you’ve just had your teeth whitened, you’re going to need a whole new sort of diet and it doesn’t even have a name.

The idea is simple: to keep your teeth white enough for longer, you need to stay away from the same foods that made them yellow and stained in the first place.

The science involved is even simpler: after bleaching teeth back, the enamel becomes more prone to staining and yellowing than before. So, what is this diet? And how long does it take?

teeth whitening diet

The Teeth Whitening Diet

To sum up the teeth whitening diet, it’s a diet that tries to avoid any foods or beverages that might stain your teeth while retaining healthy but colorless foods, non-starchy foods, and non-staining beverages.

It’s important to note that a tooth whitening diet works even better when it’s free from sugary and fatty foods because it boosts the body as well.

The Foods That Are Permitted

  •    Peeled apples and pears
  •    Whitefish
  •    Potatoes
  •    White cheese
  •    White chocolate
  •    Bananas
  •    Plain white yogurt
  •    Grated coconut
  •    Vanilla ice cream

The beverages that are permitted


  •    Water (drinking or sparkling)
  •    White lemonade juice
  •    Coconut water
  •    Milk

The food that should not be consumed


  •    Chocolate
  •    Cheese based snacks like Doritos
  •    Deep colored sauces and seasonings such as mustard sauce, BBQ sauce, red sauce, soy sauce, etc.
  •    Red meat
  •    Spinach, Amaranthus and other intensely pigmented veggies
  •    Nacho Cheese
  •    Dark marinades
  •    Popsicles
  •    Colored candy
  •    Citrus fruits such as lemons

The Beverages that should not be consumed


  •    Coffee
  •    Tea
  •    Vinegar
  •    Red wine                        
  •    Dark juices – grape juice, cranberry juice, blueberry juice, etc.
  •    Dark smoothies
  •    Dark carbonated drinks


You’ll notice that there is an emphasis on ‘dark.’ This is because darker beverages directly stain the teeth over time.

Granted, this diet is a tad restrictive, just judging by the limited number of foods in the ‘permitted’ section. But it helps in keeping the teeth whiter for longer, especially if you’re keeping up a steady dental care regimen.

How long should this diet go on for?

The answer should be forever but considering that some people find it immensely difficult to change their food plans, that could be too restrictive. But for purposes of making the teeth whitening a success, the teeth whitening diet should be carried on for at least a week or two.

When you start your everyday diet again, remember to take special care of your teeth after every meal because of their newly minted vulnerable nature.

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