Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist – Fixing a Chipped Tooth

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

At some point in your life, you’ll chip a tooth or teeth. That’s because enamel gets weak through constant wear in a particular spot. As it weakens, it can break off. When you chew hard food, it could break your tooth. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a renowned Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist who offers many ways to repair your chipped tooth so you can bring back your smile and confidence.

What are the options for a chipped tooth?

The treatment depends on the damage. Dr. Mobasser will check whether or not the chip is visible when you smile. Dental bonding is an ideal option if the cracked tooth is on the front. He can repair it in one office visit. This filling procedure is painless, and it may not require the application of numbing medication. But it requires etching of the chipped area, so the adhesive material adheres securely. After application of adhesive material, Dr. Mobasser will shape the composite resin to blend with the natural tooth. Doing so will help in restoring its shape. The procedure is complete after the material hardens through ultraviolet light.

Another option is a dental crown. It’s ideal for larger chips with significant decay. Molar teeth with chips require a crown. Crowns can last long, and they’re made of metal, ceramic or resin. When you visit Dr. Mobasser’s office, he can show you other options that meet your needs. Installing a crown may require at least two office visits. In some cases, a root canal may be necessary to build the root’s structure so it can support the crown.

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Chipped Tooth

X-rays and removal of an excess tooth may also be necessary. Before the application of the dental crown, Dr. Mobasser will take impressions of your affected tooth and the opposing tooth. In this way, he can be sure that the crown will line up correctly.While he makes your permanent crown, you’ll wear a temporary crown when you go home. During your second visit, he’ll remove the temporary crown and replace it with a permanent one.

How about porcelain veneers?

They’re also another great option to repair chips on the front. These veneers are thin shells that cover your front teeth using a thick section to fill cracked portion of the tooth. You may opt to repair just a chip on one teeth. Or you can go for a total smile restoration that requires placement of veneers on all front teeth. What’s great about porcelain veneers is that they don’t only repair chipped teeth, but they can also resolve gaps and stained teeth.

So if you need dental reconstruction in Los Angeles , call  310-278-3384 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mobasser today to fix your chipped teeth. In just one visit, he can restore the beauty of your smile and your teeth’s function.