The recovery may shorter than you think for Dental Reconstruction Surgery

The recovery may shorter than you think for Dental Reconstruction Surgery

Being ashamed of the way that you look can be a burden that follows you around like a heavy loadstone. You might be afraid of taking control of the way you look in a manner that is as invasive as dental reconstructive surgery. However, while dental reconstructive surgery is an incredibly serious process that should be considered over time, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. With Dr. Anthony Mobasser you would be with an experienced dental reconstruction surgeon who will work to provide you with comfort of a mouth that you are proud of. Read on to learn more about how Dr. Anthony Mobasser can help you with creating the perfect smile that will make you feel confident.

The Procedures Used

As you may be aware, dental reconstruction surgery is a very complex process that consists of multiple dental procedures. Full mouth dental reconstruction surgery contains porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays, porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, implant dentistry, veneer overlays, veneer onlays, orthotic appliances, custom colors and shaping, periodontic and endodontic therapy, dental bonding, and dental bleaching. However, not all dental reconstruction surgery contains all of these procedures and can also include even more procedures. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a dentist that specializes in dental reconstruction surgery and will create the perfect mixture of these procedures to create the perfect set of pearly whites for your mouth. Trust Dr. Anthony Mobasser to provide you with incredible dental reconstruction surgery that can change your life.

The recovery may shorter than you think for Dental Reconstruction Surgery

How Long Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Last?

While dental reconstruction surgery can last anywhere from three weeks to six months, the recovery process is much shorter than you may believe. Because this process is so long, your recovery occurs after each procedure, so that when you finally have the smile of your dreams, you have already recovered. Trust Dr. Anthony Mobasser to provide you with the guidance that your smile requires.

No one should be ashamed of the way their mouth looks when they smile. Take charge of your self image and find a brilliant reason to smile after your dental reconstruction surgery recovery process. Dr. Anthony Mobasser has made it his mission in life to provide people with smiles as beautiful as their laughs. Request an appointment on our website at  or simply call the office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser at 310-550-0383 to start your journey towards a beautiful smile with dental reconstruction .

The recovery may shorter than you think for Dental Reconstruction Surgery

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