Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist To Rebuild Your Smile

Life Changing Smile Makeover


Dr. Anthony Mobasser is currently the top full mouth reconstruction dentist in the US, with loyal patients worldwide. He earns the title of authority in cosmetic dentistry for several reasons, and one of them is that the cases he has completed are still functioning 20 years after in his patients’ mouths.


His years of experience in the industry are also worth mentioning. He started practicing as a full mouth reconstruction dentist in 1980. With that experience, local dentists and physicians in the US go to his dental office if they need to undergo a dental cosmetic procedure. He has also received multiple awards for his passion and dedication to dental reconstruction.

Why do you need a full mouth reconstruction dentist?

It’s a procedure you may need to undergo to have your gorgeous smile back. This method is beneficial if you have worn-out teeth or old dentistry, and it’s ideal if you would like to improve not just the appearance of your smile but also the overall functioning of your teeth.


If you wish to bring back your million-dollar smile, it’s ideal that you have it done by an award-winning full-mouth reconstruction dentist. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a highly-trained specialist who offers his patients a stunning smile with an oral health foundation.


Throughout his career, Dr. Mobasser has already completed more than 15,000 veneers. He only utilizes the finest materials to ensure that his patients obtain excellent aesthetic results. He knows several devices and materials can be used to rebuild your smile. But he prefers to use equipment and tools that can provide and deliver outstanding results to his clients.

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Because of his dedication, he’s known as the celebrity dentist or the dentist of dentists.

Rehabilitate Your Mouth

Dr. Mobasser will not only bring back your gorgeous smile but also rehabilitate it to ensure that outstanding dental aesthetic results will last a lifetime. This service is also performed to resolve any significant issues in your mouth.


Regardless of the severity of your dental problems, the procedures and technology used by Dr. Mobasser will bring back your confidence because you’ll no longer have to hide your smile. He doesn’t just create a beautiful smile but also guarantees you that your smile will be proportional to your facial structure.


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