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Dental anxiety is common for patients. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the world-renowned best sedation dentist in Los Angeles, understands what makes his patients anxious and scared. For that reason, he ensures that his patients’ dental visits will always be comforting and enjoyable. At his dental office, he offers dental sedation that is safe and highly effective in minimizing fear and anxiety.

The primary goal of this sedation dentist in Los Angeles is to remove the fears associated with visiting the dental office. The sedation dentistry services of Dr. Mobasser are ideal for high anxiety, wisdom teeth extractions, oral surgery, deep cleanings, dental implants, and several others.

All dentists can administer dental sedation; however, only one percent underwent extensive sedation training. Dr. Anthony Mobasser has undergone training and is highly qualified to offer safe sedation dentistry services to his patients. He also has a resident anesthesiologist to supervise the procedure.

Why Opt For Sedation?

If you are one of the many patients who fear going to the dentist, you must opt for sedation dentistry. You can feel relaxed and comfortable with it while Dr. Mobasser will create your stunning smile. It does not sleep dentistry because you are still conscious. However, you can opt for general anesthesia if you want to sleep during a procedure.

Some patients choose minimal sedation so they are fully awake but feel relaxed while the process is ongoing. Moderate sedation will cause you to slur your words as you speak. Profound sedation, on the other hand, will put you on the edge of consciousness. However, you could be easily awakened.

Regardless of the type of sedation you want, you need the best dentist in Los Angeles to administer it. You do not want to go to a dental clinic and be sedated by an inexperienced professional. Dental sedation is excellent, but it can also be risky if the person performing it does not have extensive training.

How Safe Is Sedation Dentistry?

It is safe if it is done by the best sedation dentist, like Dr. Anthony Mobasser. However, it is essential to remember that some patients may still experience complications from this procedure. Because of that, Dr. Mobasser will evaluate your medical history before suggesting a sedation procedure.

If you want to undergo sedation to remove your dental anxiety and fear, please consult with the best sedation dentist in Los Angeles at 310-550-0383

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