Adult Under-bite Correction from a Celebrity Dentist

Adult Under-bite Correction

An under-bite is a dental condition when your lower jaw sticks out and over the upper teeth. Although it’s not as ordinary as an under-bite, it does happen in 1 in 10 Americans. It can affect anyone. Adult under-bite correction is fairly common. However, it’s usually seen in Asians. Then again, any person, regardless of ethnicity, can suffer from it. The cause of it can be genetic. But it can also result from the extended use of pacifiers and bottles. Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are also said to cause this condition. Dr. Anthony Mobasser provides an adult under-bite correction. The method used will depend on the person’s age, the severity of the condition, and the patient’s overall medical condition.

Correcting an Under-bite | Adult Under-bite Correction

Correcting an under-bite is vital as it can lower self-confidence. It also affects speech and erodes enamel. Apart from that, it can cause difficulty in cleaning your teeth. Furthermore, it can lead to TMJ, jaw clicking, and bite problems. Some of you may think that if this condition isn’t corrected soon, it can be difficult to resolve it in the future. But, no matter how difficult it is, it’s still possible. One of the options is an expander. It’s placed in your mouth’s roof. You’ll need a key to widen the expander at night. It increases the dental arch’s size to properly position the lower and upper jaws. Another method is through a face mask. It works like an orthodontic headgear. It’s wrapped around your head and attached to metal bands on your upper back teeth. These bands will pull the top jaw to its right position. A Chin cap is also used. It’s placed around your chin and above your head. What it does is that it prevents further protrusion of the lower jaw.

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Mild Under-bite Cases

Mild cases can be resolved through a technology known as a facelift. Here, it requires reshaping of the lower teeth. Veneers are placed on the upper teeth. In this way, lower teeth would close properly behind the upper teeth. It doesn’t correct the condition, but it improves the appearance of an underbite. Adult underbites can be resolved without surgery. However, severe forms may usually require surgical treatment. Please visit Dr. Mobasser’s office today to know what options you may have for your underbite. Remember, you don’t have to suffer from this condition for long. And if you leave it untreated, it could cause many dental health problems. To schedule an appointment with the adult underbite correction expert, please call: (310) 550-0383

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