Dental Veneers Before and After

Before & After Pictures Dental Veneers

Before and After pictures are a major testament to a cosmetic dentist’s skill. Chances are that if you like the results in a dentist’s before and after pictures, you will be pleased with your own results. Below is a sampling of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s work as an artistic cosmetic dentist over the years. If you like what you see, or would like to see more, then give us a call at 310-550-0383. Dental Veneers Before and After Pictures should present all angles like these.

Before dental veneers for crooked teeth, Instant Orthodontics
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After dental veneers for crooked teeth, Instant Orthodontics 
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This patient had severe crowding of the lower teeth, also discolored, that were transformed to a natural looking state via porcelain veneers. Techniques to improve this smile also included instant orthodontics done in seven days. Compare this treatment to full orthodontic teeth movement, which would take a minimum of three years. Besides severe teeth crowding, this patient needed to change the color of his teeth, which was performed via bleaching and porcelain veneers.

Are Dental Porcelain Veneers Permanent?

Dental veneers before and after
Nothing man made is permanent, according to ADA ( American Dental Association), veneers will last 5 to 10 years. Above you will see veneers completed in 1987 by Dr Anthony Mobasser, lasting more than 30 years, and still looking great and functioning well. The conservation of tooth structure and the sensitive protocol to bond the veneers in by an expert cosmetic dentist, is vital to the longevity of veneers.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

These veneers were done in 1987, 30 years ago by Dr Anthony Mobasser, still looking great and functioning well!

Dental Veneers Before and After
dental-veneers-before-afterBefore Dental Veneers
dental-veneers-before-afterAfter Dental Veneers