7 Ways To Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

7 Ways To Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Having a bright and beautiful smile can go a long way towards making better first impressions, having greater self-confidence, and creating positive perceptions of yourself by your colleagues. To attain and maintain a bright and beautiful smile, follow these seven tips for keeping your teeth healthy and white, as described by Dr. Anthony Mobasser, Los Angeles’ most accomplished cosmetic dentist.

1. Brush regularly? Brushing your teeth is number one on this list. Twice a day, brush your teeth for three minutes. When selecting a toothbrush, opt for a soft-bristled one to avoid damaging the enamel on your teeth. Automatic toothbrushes are great if you follow manufacturers’ instructions; if not, the possibility of gum problems and recessions of the gums can occur. Make sure you also have a tongue scraper to remove the plaque accumulated in the back and sides of your tongue

2. Floss regularly? Brushing your teeth can’t solve all of your oral health problems. Food particles get stuck on the surface of your teeth and get lodged between the gaps of your teeth, leading to tooth decay, especially gum disease (Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis). Prevent tooth decay by flossing regularly to ensure cleaning(between your teeth)  the interproximal surfaces of your teeth are clean.

3. See a dentist every six months maximum? Even with proper brushing and flossing techniques, plaque and tartar (calculus) can build up in hard-to-reach areas, which can cause tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease. It’s essential to see your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. Depending on your saliva and the number of tartar build-ups, It is recommended that your dentist does deep cleanings or gum treatment when necessary to prevent further breakdown of your gums. If you are looking for a friendly, top dentist in the Beverly Hills area, contact Dr. Anthony Mobasser on his website at: https://celebritydentist.com/

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4. Use mouth rinse? If you suffer from halitosis (bad breath) or gum disease, try using a mouth rinse to help dispose of harmful bacteria. Regular use of mouthwash can stop cavities from forming! If you have cosmetic dentistry done on your teeth, avoid using alcohol-containing mouthwash since it can cause harm to your white fillings.

5. Limit sugar intake – If there were ever a “most likely to cause cavities award,” it would go to sugar. Sugar is the main ingredient in many food products, including cereals, sodas, and condiments! Not to mention all the sweets like candy, cakes, pies, and other delicious holiday treats. Take a serious look at food labels and be aware of how much sugar you consume. Limiting sugar intake can help your teeth and your waistline! It would be a great help if you could brush and floss after finishing sticky sugar products, and it would be best to avoid them at all costs.

6. Limit staining foods? Drinks like coffee, tea, and wine (both red and white), as well as soy sauce and tobacco, leave residue on your teeth, darkening the shade and color chroma; with prolonged use, even brushing can’t entirely remove them, especially if there are micro-cracks on your teeth, due to clenching and grinding.

7. Maintain a healthier diet? Staying with the food trend, try to have a balanced diet that includes firm fruits and vegetables (try not to suck on lemons since they can decalcify the enamel of your teeth and cause chalky white spots). These foods, high in vitamins and nutrients, scrub your teeth as you eat them, preventing bacteria and plaque from forming. This tip will help you keep some unwanted pounds off, like limiting sugar intake. Examples of these beneficial foods include carrots, celery, cauliflower, and green beans.

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