I recently had my first two crowns put on. Are they supposed to move at all and hurt when I have food in between them?

“I went to a dentist in November he did 2 root canals and left it open for 2 months then i came back he shaved them down and sent me home i was in throbbing pain for a week, the office had a 4 day weekend, i went to another dentist they wanted to just pull my teeth i said no.The pain was from the tooth next to the other 2 posts some how it had a chip, he did a 3rd root canal, but i asked why does it hurt when i get food stuck, why are they lose? His answer its my tooth that’s loose inside the crown.”

Porcelain crowns put on your teeth are not supposed to move or be loose. If your dental crowns moves, then there is possibility that your own tooth is loose OR the Crown cement is leaking, or not enough cement !
There are times when the teeth are over prepared, or a proper crown build up was needed prior to having your crown fabricated, hence the crown is now loose, since there is no retention on your prepared tooth, all this must be checked by your dentist.
Definitely go back to your dentist, so he or she can alleviate the problem.

Anthony Mobasser, DDS, DMD
Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist141