Why Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

The phrase “full mouth reconstruction” can be kinda scary. It can seem like you’re taking something that you’re born with and replacing it all with something new. For many people, a full mouth reconstruction is the best thing you can do for your oral care. For so many people, the question is: “why?” Why would you want a full mouth reconstruction? What benefits can this procedure offer you that others cannot? Dr. Mobasser has done so many full mouth reconstructions over the years. He can now put that experience to work for you, should this be the best path for your oral health. In this blog, we’ll discuss why you would want a full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills from Dr. Mobasser.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills Benefits

Perhaps the main reason that someone gets a full mouth reconstruction is simple: it makes them look younger. When it comes to “actions that can make you look younger,” full mouth reconstruction is one that people often overlook. We all know about Botox and eating right, but we forget that a great smile can make you look that much younger.  With just this one procedure, you can have a much younger looking smile. It’s important to bear in mind: the best days of your smile don’t have to be behind you. They can be a part of your life today. You can have the best smile you’ve ever had ahead of you instead of behind. This procedure can make it happen.

Confidence, Sexy Confidence

Confidence is sexy. That’s true of all genders, in all walks of life. Some people are born naturally confident, but for many of us, when we look better, we feel better about ourselves. That can make us that much more confident. After a full mouth reconstruction, your smile will look that much better. It can help your entire self esteem from being proud of your smile. Dr. Mobasser is careful to make sure that your smile matches your body, personality and life. That way, you get a smile that’s perfectly suited to you, the best you. With the smile you’ve always wanted, it’s so much easier to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Full Mouth Reconstruction Improvements

When there’s problems with your oral health, it can lead to health problems for the rest of your body. That means that you could have issues with headaches, and not realize that it’s coming from your mouth. By that same token, it’s hard to sleep when your teeth are grinding, or when your jaw hurts. Should your bite rub your teeth against each other in an unnatural, interfering way, it can be difficult to nod off. By that same token, it’s hard to concentrate hewn you have to deal with oral pain all of the time. Those are just a few more things that this full mouth reconstruction can assist with. When we do one of these procedures, it leads to so many other health benefits.

Even More Health Benefits

So many times, after a full mouth reconstruction, it stops jaw joint clicks, and in turn, that stops debilitating headaches. A full mouth reconstruction can balance your bite, which can lead to a host of other health benefits. For example, that significantly improves the strength, health and structure of your teeth. Heart disease affects so many people (particularly men) over a certain age. Oral health is just one more way to help lessen the possibility of heart disease, so that you can live healthier every day.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of procedure that someone just rushes into. Indeed, Dr. Mobasser has to make a lot of checks, tests and evaluations before determining whether or not that someone is right for this procedure. After all, it’s a “full mouth reconstruction” – which means that he has to make sure that other, less invasive procedures aren’t the right way to go before going forward with this one. However, once he makes the determination that you need a full mouth reconstruction, there’s no more qualified cosmetic dentist in southern California or anywhere else. In fact, people come from all across the country (and from other countries) to get a full mouth reconstruction (or other procedure) from Dr. Mobasser.

For many of us, the best smile of our lives is a dream, something that we’ve always imagined but never seen made reality. For others, that perfect smile is a memory: something that was here once, but is gone, seemingly forever. That being said, it’s not gone forever, and it’s not an impossible dream. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Or alternately, you can get the smile that you once had. Just schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mobasser by calling us at (310) 550-0383 or sending a message through our site.

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