Restore Your Smile with a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

If you have suffered significant tooth loss, either as a result of an accident that has damaged your teeth, or as a result of large fillings which have started to decay, then you may want the help of a dentist offering a full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles. This is a type of surgery that requires extensive appointments and a number of treatments in order to create the perfect smile. Understanding what this course of dental surgery means can help you feel more confident that the final outcome will be an improved smile.

Who Would Need A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

People who benefit most from a full mouth reconstruction are those who have had significant loss of their own teeth. For example, they may have multiple missing teeth as the result of accidents, or nutritional problems. Others may have a variety of broken or cracked teeth, which make it painful to eat and may affect their appearance. Other patients have been born with conditions which affect their mouth and cause problems with their adult teeth. Often, dentists are obliged to reconstruct large numbers of teeth in order to create a much better overall appearance.

a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Any dental treatment which involves all of the teeth in a person’s mouth may be called a full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction. Full treatment may involve the use of veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants which allow the dentist to install new teeth, and even the creation of dentures. All of these treatments can be done either separately, in order to improve the look of the mouth, or can be combined in order to provide the patient with a complete dental reconstruction.

Where Can I Find Dentists Offering Reconstruction?

If you are looking for a dentist who is able to provide you with a variety of cosmetic treatments including full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles, then you may benefit from talking to Dr. Anthony Mobasser and his dental team. An extremely experienced dentist, with more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, he offers his patients a variety of different treatments, including full reconstruction. To talk to him about the cosmetic dental surgery you require, and to schedule a consultation, send an online message or get in touch with the team today at (310) 550-0383.

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