Benefits of New Technology in Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic surgery is a broad field, and this means that many dentists have treatments that they are keenly interested in, and others which they know less about. In order to make sure that you get a dentist who is able to help you with your specific requirements, you need to ask them about their areas of interest and expertise. This information will let you know whether you can trust them to perform the treatment you require, or if you need to get recommendations from them about dentists specializing in the treatments you need.

Dentistry and Modern Technology


The modern dentist is experienced in a wide variety of skills and therapies that their forebears would not have imagined. If you are searching for a top dentist, then you should ask them about their interest in trends, including digital x-ray photography, and the use of modern braces.

There may also be other things that they are interested in, including the use of laser therapy to whiten teeth, and the use of environmentally sound technology. Finding a dentist who keeps up with modern technology and trends in dentistry can be the best way to make sure that you get a dentist who can help you to improve your smile.

Your smile says a lot about you, showing other people how confident you are, as well as how happy or how nervous you are. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, your smile can be less than perfect, and you may feel as though people are judging you on the way that you look. You might also think that you are being ignored or overlooked because of your imperfect smile. That could be what leads you to decide that you need to improve your appearance with help from a top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. Before you speak to a dentist, there are some things that you can do to feel more confident about making this change.

Improving Your Smile with Modern Dentistry

Perhaps the most important thing that you should know about modern cosmetic dentistry is that it can improve your smile greatly using modern dental techniques. In the past, teeth whitening or straightening required the use of drawn-out treatments that could take weeks or months to start showing an improvement. Now modern technology means that you can get the same changes to your smile that you might have expected in the past, but you will see faster results with less inconvenience.

Improved Costs for Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Another advantage of these new and improved dental treatments is that you can get a better smile for much less than before. If you have been thinking about having dental treatments to improve your smile but have been concerned about the cost, then you should be pleased to learn that this type of dental treatment is likely to be much more affordable than in the past. For something as straightforward as teeth whitening, you could save yourself a lot of money by having the treatment early rather than waiting for more serious problems to arise.

Any dental imperfections can tarnish your smile. Whether they are cracks or discolorations, people will focus on them instead on what you are saying. The good thing is that the top Los Angeles cosmetic dentist , Dr. Anthony Mobasser, can treat them through cosmetic bonding. As a world-renowned dentist, Dr. Mobasser will create a comprehensive treatment plan for you to address your dental concerns. But this plan is only available after examining your teeth and mouth thoroughly. Cosmetic bonding requires the use of a composite resin material. Its role is to repair minor imperfections in your teeth. It can be an ideal treatment for tooth decay, discoloration, chips, fractures and several others. Dr. Mobasser will ensure that the composite resin will match the natural color of your tooth. In this way, you will receive flawless, attractive tooth surface.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

This procedure is straightforward. There is also need to worry because it is only minimally invasive. Dr. Mobasser can complete it in just one visit. If you have a dental imperfection, you can walk into his office in the morning and walk out with your dream smile a few hours after. Another benefit of this procedure is that it involves minimal removal of tooth enamel. Thus, if you only need minor repairs, Dr. Mobasser may recommend this procedure as an alternative option to veneers or crowns. And because it is minimally invasive, it is pain-free. It means that you can undergo this procedure without anesthesia. After the procedure, you can easily return to your normal activities after the office visit. However, after the procedure, you must follow the caring instructions as provided by Dr. Mobasser. Although the resin material in cosmetic bonding resists stains, you must still avoid drinking colored beverages, like red wine, tea, and coffee for two days after the procedure.

Visiting the Top Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

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Before the procedure, the top Los Angeles cosmetic dentist will start an individualized consultation and education. During this visit, Dr. Mobasser will carefully assess your dental imperfections.

If you are feeling more confident about the potential for cosmetic surgery today, then you should take the time to speak to Dr. Anthony Mobasser. If you have been hoping for treatment by a top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, then he has the skills and experience necessary to be able to help you with a range of therapies designed to improve your smile.

You want a career in the media, and have come to Los Angeles to find work, but know that you are competing with a lot of others who have the same ambition. You know that you have to make yourself as perfect as possible to attract the right career, and that includes working on your smile. Whether it is a minor imperfection in the angle of your teeth, or a slight darkening of the enamel that is making you concerned, finding the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles for your teeth can make sure that you attract the attention of producers and filmmakers.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Smile

Working in the media industry means that you have to go the extra mile to make sure that you are as appealing as possible. In order to get the right look for your smile, you need a dentist who can help you to improve your teeth, from using special lasers to whiten the enamel to performing minor dental surgery. All these changes can turn your smile into something that lights up a room, and that can benefit your career.

Better Confidence with a pronounced Personality

When you have perfect teeth, you feel more confident about everyday things such as smiling and laughing. Being able to feel free when you laugh or smile can be an important element to your personality, and you may benefit from being able to feel more confident about this. Learning how to get the most from your smile can be the first steps to performing live on TV with confidence, or earning that media gig that you have always wanted. It is a small thing, but it can have long-reaching effects for you and your career.

There are many names to choose from that qualify as the top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles. Incredible dentists from top schools, with incredible qualifications with years of experience are all throughout the list. However, there’s only one dentist who can claim the mantle of the “celebrity dentist.” There’s only one dentist whom the biggest celebrities in television, movies, music and more trust with their teeth: Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

So How Do You Qualify A Cosmetic Dentist?

The top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles can do a lot for you. They can improve your smile and fix many problems with your teeth, gums and more. However, what sets Dr. Mobasser apart is that he can go the extra mile and take that extra step for you that can make everything that much better for you. For example, he doesn’t just improve your smile: he can make it that much more radiant. While other dentists may be able to improve your smile, Dr. Mobasser can make it truly light up a room.

Best Lost Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry
Expertise is one more thing that separates Dr. Mobasser and our entire celebrity dentist practice apart from others. To perform a specific cosmetic dental procedure, it doesn’t just take practice and hard work. It takes thousands of hours. Beyond that, it requires a seemingly endless number of successfully-completed procedures to get it right, to be a true expert. When you go to one of the other so-called top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, you can’t really know if they’ve put that time in. Dr. Mobasser provides a great smile and peace of mind.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars

When you go to a dentist for a procedure, you have to trust that they know what they’re doing. On top of that, you have to be sure that they have a familiarity with this procedure that comes not just from doing it in the past but recently as well. The procedures that Dr. Mobasser offers are all ones that he’s done in the past year or so. See, even if someone was great at a dental procedure in the past, that doesn’t mean they kept up with it. You don’t want a dentist who will use you as an opportunity to “knock the rust off.” That will never happen with Dr. Mobasser.

A True Celebrity Dentist
Having great teeth today is a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing like having a smile that turns heads, draws someone’s gaze, and positively shines. However, there’s more to it than that. Dr. Mobasser also gives you the tools to ensure that your great new smile lasts. Through his cutting edge technology, years of experience, and seemingly endless amount of knowledge, he can equip you to maintain your smile for a long period of time.

The goal of our cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles is to make sure your smile looks your best. That’s it. All we want is for your smile to light up a room when you enter the room, and for your smile to be all anyone can talk about when you leave. To make that happen, we have a lot of different tools at our disposal. They range from the most impressive, cutting-edge techniques to some ancient, holistic ones. In the end, here at Dr. Mobasser’s celebrity dentistry practice, we want your smile to look its best.

Lumineers for Tooth Structure

According to Dental Economics, the best way to preserve tooth structure is through the use of lumineers. The key to making sure that your smile lasts for a long time is to conserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. For example, that’s why our cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles often puts in lumineers. Unlike veneers, they don’t require any invasive techniques, such as drilling or the like. We simply put the veneers over your teeth, and then your teeth look better for a long time. The less we have to do to your natural tooth structure, the more likely that your smile will look great for years and years to come.

Visit With A Trusted Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the techniques Dr. Mobasser uses is to restore worn down teeth to their proper length. You may grind your teeth. Your teeth may have been ground down to the point where they’re considered “short front teeth,” which holds them back from looking their best. Dr. Mobasser can extend and restore these teeth to their correct length, which will make all the difference in the world to your smile. Your smile is beautiful already. Small changes like these can make it that much better, taking it (and you) to an even higher level of beauty. To stand out wherever you go, stop by our celebrity dental practice.

About Essential Holistic Dentistry

To a cosmetic dentist of Dr. Mobasser’s caliber, dentistry is both a science and an art. The science is in his years of study, his countless hours of perfecting the techniques, so he can utilize them to make your smile look its best. Furthermore, the science comes from using the best technology, ever advancing in the way that it can improve your smile. The art, however, is it in your smile itself. There’s nothing like a beautiful smile. The reason our practice is referred to as “the celebrity dentist” is because famous celebrities from the world over come here. The art is in their megawatt grins.

You have a beautiful smile. Everyone does. To make your smile look that much better is in the small details, the slight improvements. That’s where the biggest change will be made, and your smile may go from one that’s beautiful to one that’s genuinely stunning to look at. Dr. Mobasser specializes in exactly that kind of improvement. He typically likes to make the length of your front tooth (central incisor) to be 1/16 the length of your face. That may sound like a small thing to you, but it can make all the difference in the world.

Being a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is, in part, about balancing art and science. For example, most of the best works of art have included someone with an amazing smile. The science comes in making that smile look as great as possible. To that end, Dr. Mobasser uses math to determine the perfect length of your front tooth. He uses a 22 millimeter rule, measured from inside your lip, to find out exactly where your ideal length should be. By blending the best of science and art, technologically advanced and holistic methods, he can make your smile better than ever.

A Holistic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Experience is one of the most critical qualifications that a dentist can have. Indeed, this is why people come from all over the world to our practice: because Dr. Mobasser has worked on thousands of smiles over the years. He knows what it takes to make someone’s smile look beautiful in a way that no one’s ever seen before. For example, he knows how to give the illusion that your teeth are wider when you smile. Whether this is through altering the line angles, applying vertical or horizontal chroma or other techniques, he can make your smile more gorgeous and seemingly endless.

Brushing your teeth and taking care of them is important, but not everyone has the time they’d like every day to do so. That’s why Dr. Mobasser can return discolored teeth to a natural, pristine pearl white. This can do so much more than you might realize to your self image. Imagine, for example, having a smile that matched the whites of your eyes? When your smile is bright, it quite literally lights up the rest of your face. To reach a higher level of luminescence, go to our website or give us a call at (310)550-0383. Our cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles awaits you.

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles? If you want to improve your smile and feel more confident than ever before, look no further than Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Mobasser uses advanced techniques and top-tier technologies to correct imperfections in your teeth, giving you the perfect smile.

Dr. Mobasser has amassed a long list of celebrity clientele who know they can count on him to help them put their best face forward. If you want to have a Hollywood smile, contact the staff at Dr. Mobasser’s Los Angeles office to schedule your first appointment.

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