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4 Reasons Why You Need a Smile Makeover Immediately

We often treat them as unnecessarily expensive, but we need smile makeovers way more than we know. Think about it this way: one of the first things anyone notices about a person is their smile. It has the power to betray a person’s every secret, from how often they brush, whether they smoke or not…

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a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Restore Your Smile with a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Los Angeles

If you have suffered significant tooth loss, either as a result of an accident that has damaged your teeth, or as a result of large fillings which have started to decay, then you may want the help of a dentist offering a full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles. This is a type of surgery that…

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best cosmetic dentist Los Angeles

Cosmetic Dentist Anthony Mobasser Can Give You A Celebrity Smile Makeover

Celebrities are just like regular people. That is, they were not born with perfect teeth. But most of you would want to know how they got that celebrity smile makeover. Thanks to the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, achieving a celebrity smile makeover is now possible through the expertise and keen eye for beauty of this…

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