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Best Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser - Celebrity Dentist

How to Find the Best Dentist in Los Angeles

Finding the best dentist in Los Angeles is a process that’s well worth the time and effort. After all, your smile is an important aspect of your appearance, so if you’re seeking a cosmetic dentist, it’s because you want to transform your smile. There are many things to look for when choosing a dentist, and it pays to take the time to research your options to ensure that your decision makes the most sense for your dental needs. Here’s what you should look for as you seek the dentist you want.

One of the things you must consider when finding the best dentist in Los Angeles is experience. The longer they are in the industry, the better. The dentist should have decades of experience and performed thousands of successful procedures.

More than three decades Dr. Anthony Mobasser has more than three decades of experience in reconstructive, cosmetic, and complete mouth dentistry. He has already performed thousands of cosmetic dental procedures, and each is still functioning in his patient’s mouth after 25 years of restoration and looks fantastic.

Experience and Credentials

Best Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser - Cosmetic Dentist - Celebrity DentistWhen you choose a dentist, you want one who is well experienced with the treatments you’re interested in pursuing. Additionally, you want one who is qualified and licensed to perform those procedures. For that reason, it’s a good idea to ask for credentials and be sure your dentist is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. You can also ask for before and after photos to see previous work that proves experience in the specific treatment you’re seeking.

Your dentist should be a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and this is the same as choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon from a general surgeon. Because you deserve the best smile results, you need a dentist dedicated to learning and practicing the advances in cosmetic dentistry.

In addition to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Mobasser is also a member of the American Dental Association, Los Angeles Dental Society, California Dental Association, and Pennsylvania Dental Association, among others. This is just one of the reasons his patients experience life-changing results since Dr. Mobasser never stops learning to find better ways to create and design the most challenging dental treatments rejected by other dentists.

Just imagine it: the confidence you could have. The way you would feel with a smile that you want to show off. A lovely little quote from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry: “smile enhancement can have dramatic results on your overall appearance.” That is, of course, quite a bit of an understatement. One thing Dr. Mobasser and the staff here have noticed over the years: is the effects a better smile can have on a person’s personality. You’ll come across as happier, even healthier. There are far, far too many benefits to a better smile to be mentioned in just one blog, but we’ll certainly try. 

Rapport and Attitude

No one wants to suffer through a dentist appointment with a grumpy and silent dentist. You want one with whom you have a positive connection and who makes you feel welcome. Your dentist should have a personable and friendly demeanor; On top of that, they should be willing to answer questions and give you advice. The entire staff should be people you have a healthy rapport with and who you feel comfortable around. If you don’t feel this way, it’s time to find a new dentist.

Many people know they want their teeth and smile to look better, but they might feel a bit scared about what this could entail. This makes sense since a lot of people have negative expectations when it comes to dental procedures in general. And if they feel that way about the procedures they need, how should they feel about the ones they want to have? Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the best dentist in Los Angeles, is here to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. He prides himself on judgment-free dentistry and focuses on providing the best solution for your needs and goals. 

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To make it even more convenient for patients, Dr. Mobasser engages in remote consultations whenever possible, limiting actual procedures to emergencies. If you need an emergency procedure or perhaps would like a remote consultation, we can help you out. Call us at (310) 550-0383 or request an appointment online.

Affordability and Insurance

Cosmetic dental procedures aren’t cheap, and if you spend that much money, you need to be sure you’re getting the right value for what you’re spending.

Look for a dentist that offers competitive pricing and accepts your dental insurance. Some cosmetic procedures may not be covered by insurance, but many are. You can save money using that insurance; making sure your dentist accepts it beforehand is important.

Procedures Offered

Best Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser - Cosmetic Dentist - Celebrity DentistYou are seeing a cosmetic dentist for a reason, so finding one who can perform the procedure you want is vital. However, your dentist might feel that a different option is your best bet.

Be sure you’re open to hearing your other choices and taking the advice of the expert in the situation so that you can get the most out of your treatment and, thus, end up with the results you’re looking for. Talk over the options with your dentist so that you can agree on a procedure that best meets your needs and that they can perform for you.

It’s important to note that while Dr. Mobasser can make your smile as bright as any celebrity’s, he makes sure your smile is uniquely yours. It’s not going to be the same smile as some Oscar winner or music star; rather, Dr. Mobasser offers customized solutions.

His work is as much art as it is science. So, he combines them to make your most radiant smile, not the most radiant one for someone else. That way, when people see your smile, they’ll see it as part of you, not something done by someone else. Perhaps the best signature of Dr. Mobasser’s work, a true testament to the quality, is that he can make your smile look incredible without seeming like any work was done. 

Comprehensive Care

Often a cosmetic dentist can do more basic aspects of your dental care, so you may want to find a double-duty dentist who can also clean your teeth and look for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental health-related conditions.

Unlike other dentists in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser offers a wide array of complete mouth dentistry services, specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. As a genuinely talented dentist, he can successfully and skillfully perform any dental procedure. Whether you need dental implants, teeth whitening, or whole mouth reconstructions, Dr. Mobasser can offer them to you with exceptional results.

A Safe Environment

Before you undergo dental procedures, you need to make a personal consultation to help you feel comfortable with the dentist who will work on your smile. By making a personal consultation with your dentist first, you can talk to them about what you need your smile to look like and how they can help your specific smile.

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Dr. Mobasser will examine your mouth thoroughly to know what procedures are ideal for your condition. This way, you will know if the results he has in mind for you are the same ones you wish to achieve.

As of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Yes, more of the world is opening up. But the virus isn’t entirely going away, and it’s something medical professionals and people all over must be conscious of moving forward. To that end, Dr. Mobasser has incorporated any relevant CDC and ADA safety protocols for his practice. That means ensuring everyone who enters the office feels good, all PPE and social distancing methods are used, and so much more. 

Why Do They Call Dr. Mobasser “The Celebrity Dentist”?

As you might imagine, being a top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and the surrounding area is competitive. There are many other cosmetic dentists around, each working hard. So, it means something that, among all of them, Dr. Mobasser is the one known as “The Celebrity Dentist.” His social media feed (and client list) will show you exactly where that name comes from. This is important for a variety of reasons. 

Best Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser - Celebrity DentistThat nickname isn’t some “tongue in cheek” play on words: it’s an actual description of Dr. Mobasser’s clientele. A quick look through his Instagram feed will show you why the name “Celebrity Dentist” is more of a brand than a nickname. The truth is that many celebrities in many fields turn to Dr. Mobasser when they need porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry (and other services) performed. With the ability to pick practically any dentist they would like, they turn to one person above all: Dr. Mobasser. They know he can give them the kind of dentistry they need: flawless. 

When it comes to celebrities, they need to have a great smile. It’s neither negotiable nor something they’d “like to” have. It’s a literal job requirement. Without a great smile, a celebrity can’t truly be a celebrity. So, that makes it all the more impressive that Dr. Mobasser is the one that so many turn to for what’s a critical, important part of their work and life.

If he can give them what they need, imagine what he can do for you. You may not be a celebrity; you may not have a TV pilot or world tour coming up. But Dr. Mobasser can give you a smile that will make you light up any room you enter. That could be the board room, the classroom, your living room – or anywhere else. 

While the nickname of Dr. Mobasser is “The Celebrity Dentist,” it’s important to note that he’s not “The Exclusively Celebrity Dentist.” Most of his clientele are not celebrities but regular people who want to have teeth that look incredible. You don’t need to have made it in film or TV to have a smile that is just as bright, flawless, and eye-catching as those in your favorite shows. The same techniques, veneers, Lumineers, and more that Dr. Mobasser uses with the professionals he can use with you.

It’s easy to see what Dr. Mobasser has done for his patients over the years. You probably have. Yes, you’ve probably seen them on stage and screen, but you’ve also probably seen them in the smiles of people you pass by in LA. Dr. Mobasser has been applying veneers for decades, and many still have them. Contact the best dentist in Los Angeles today to get your perfect smile!

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How Does My Oral Health Impact My Overall Health?

Boosts Your Self-Confidence

It’s almost impossible to overstate your smile’s importance to your day-to-day life. When something makes you happy, you smile. For many of us, you also smile sometimes when something makes us unhappy, when you’re thinking, considering, and so much else.

So, if your smile makes you self-conscious or doesn’t look as good as you would like, that can take a devastating toll on your self-esteem. Dr. Mobasser has helped so many folks like you to have a smile they’re proud of and want to show off, so they can better express themselves and their happiness and live their lives on their terms. 

Improve Your General Health

A better smile is a very important reason to go to a cosmetic dentist. However, it’s far from the only one. So many of Dr. Mobasser’s patients (if not an outright majority) go to him for their health, too. Dr. Mobasser’s full mouth reconstructions and more can fix bite issues, jaw pain, and much, much more.

A “cosmetic dentist” doesn’t just fix or improve cosmetic issues. Your body’s health, in many ways, is “downstream” of your oral health. It’s difficult to be healthy (to say nothing of happiness) if your oral health is poor. Dr. Mobasser can help make you feel better and stay that way. 

For A Lasting Solution, Contact The Best Dentist in Los Angeles

Dr. Mobasser has many returning patients, but they tend not to return for a long time. So many of the veneers and Lumineers he placed ten, fifteen, and even twenty or more years ago are just as bright, white, and radiant as they were the day Dr. Mobasser placed them. He provides oral health solutions that last, giving a great smile for years. 

There’s a real connection between “smiling” and “feeling happy.” So, if you don’t feel good about your smile or even just lack confidence, it can make you less happy (to say the least).

The good news is that, while it might not seem that way, there is a solution: Dr. Mobasser. He’s the best dentist in Los Angeles for procedures, improvements, and the like, but he’s perfect for your smile. 

The Los Angeles area certainly doesn’t lack cosmetic dentists. What it does lack, however, is cosmetic dentists with a proven track record. Dr. Mobasser is as much an artisan as a doctor, using his trained, experienced eye to ensure that every patient gets the cosmetic dental procedure right for them. To get started with the best dentist in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Mobasser and take that first step toward the smile you were born to have.

Start 2023 With A New, Confident Smile!

Is your New Year’s resolution to improve how you look? For many of us, keeping up with our New Year’s resolutions isn’t easy. Here at Dr. Mobasser’s, the Celebrity Dentist, we can’t help you to eat healthy, exercise, and so forth.

What Dr. Mobasser can do, however, is to ensure you have the best smile possible to ring in the New Year! That can do so much more for your life. For many reasons, many have called him the “best dentist in Los Angeles” for generations.