Invisalign, Lumineers and Veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry


Invisalign treatment is one of the best options to straighten teeth or fix a gap. Although it is one of the fastest ways to achieve your dream smile, you need to be patient about. Several factors affect the length of time the Invisalign treatment will take to achieve your desired results.

Chip and discolored teeth are all conditions and signs of aging. Unfortunately, they are difficult to hide, thus people have the tendency to hide their smile or they do not smile at all. Surely, having less than perfect teeth can affect the confidence of an individual. Fortunately, these imperfections can be easily fixed by the world’s leading cosmetic dentist.

According to Los Angeles dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser, Invisalign treatment is faster than braces. However, it still depends on the complexity of the case. The less complex it is, the shorter the treatment will be. For more complicated cases, they could take up to two years. Although average treatment can take 12 months, you will notice a difference in a few weeks after the treatment starts. During this time, the results are just minimal. After four to six weeks, you will see noticeable changes. Then again, it is vital to remember that each patient is different. For instance, you may see changes faster than your friends who are also using this treatment.


Do I Have to Wear Aligners Everyday?

Ideally, you must wear them for 22 hours a day. You may remove them while eating and brushing your teeth. Beyond that, you need to wear them consistently. Failure to do so will only prolong your treatment process. Before advising this treatment, however, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, will examine your teeth and bite. He will request X-ray to know whether or not this treatment is ideal for you. Keep in mind that Invisalign is not ideal for patients who require surgical intervention to mitigate underbite or resolve gummy smiles. You can only start this treatment after undergoing a full comprehensive dental check-up.

It is also recommended changing the aligners regularly. Each aligner moves the teeth in a certain amount over a two-week period. It is never a good idea to make rapid attempts at moving teeth as they only make the teeth less stable. With reduced stability, your teeth become more mobile. Your teeth may also move out of place or detached and may fall out of your mouth. For these reasons, changing aligners every two weeks is necessary to allow your teeth to move slowly and safely. It also enables the teeth to reach a certain position without the risk of losing your teeth.

Pros and Cons of Lumineers

Lumineers are a common treatment option for a chipped tooth or a discolored set of teeth. They are also ideal for multiple kinds of aesthetic issues. Before you even consider them, you should know the pros and cons of lumineers. This should help you in making an informed decision.

Pros of Lumineers

Affordable. Lumineers are more affordable than porcelain veneers. Even though veneers have their fair share of pros and cons, their cost is a big concern for most patients. Thus, most of them opt for Lumineers.

Durable. Although porcelain veneers are more durable than Lumineers, they are not fragile. They can last more than ten years, as long as you follow a proper after-care.

Aesthetics. It’s one of the most common advantages of Lumineers. They look natural so they will not appear out of place or fake. That’s because they can match how your enamels look like. Your teeth will appear whiter without actually appearing to be cosmetically enhanced. It’s especially beneficial if you find it discomforting when people get to know that you are wearing Lumineers.

Immediate results. With Lumineers, you can see results within a few days. What’s more is that the results are almost perfect.

No need for anesthesia. If you hate anesthesia, then you’ll like Lumineers. They don’t require injection of anesthetics. Apart from that, they can be reversed. That is, you can get rid of them if you no longer want them. You can also tweak the existing ones.

Now, Lumineers are not all about pros. There are some disadvantages that you should know.


Cons of Lumineers

One of the disadvantages of this treatment option is that they are vulnerable to damage. That said, they are not ideal for patients who suffer from bruxism.

Another disadvantage is that Lumineers can’t be repaired. Although they can be upgraded or replaced, they can’t be fixed if they crack or get chipped.

Lumineers have aesthetic challenges. They may not match the exact color of your surrounding natural teeth. However, a skilled dentist might be able to overcome this problem. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is one of the leading porcelain veneers dentists in Los Angeles area. Dr. Mobasser’s online reviews portrays him as a professional who has transformed thousands of smiles with ‘exceptional results’. With the proper aid of the right professional, imperfections in your teeth as a result of age can finally be corrected.

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