Before Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

For many of Dr. Mobasser’s patients, dental reconstruction in Los Angeles is the right procedure. It can give you the smile you’ve always wanted and so much more. A cosmetic dentist with the abilities of Dr. Mobasser has the ability to make you look younger for an incredible boost of confidence. On top of that, it could give you a perfectly balanced bite. Teeth that are naturally white with an organic shape are just the icing on top. That being said, dental reconstruction is not right for everyone. Dr. Mobasser doesn’t recommend these procedures until many other methods and tactics have been tried first. In this blog, we’ll go over what has to be done before dental reconstruction.

Prior to Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Dr. Mobasser takes quite a bit into account before determining whether or not you’re a perfect candidate for dental reconstruction. Many of these facts can be found out by Dr. Mobasser during your initial consultation. When you come in to our practice, you’ll meet with Dr. Mobasser or one of his other highly trained colleagues. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your dental health and history. You’ll then be evaluated. After all of that, Dr. Mobasser will make a recommendation about what should be done to give you the smile that you want. One of the most important questions that you’ll be asked is what caused the root break down in your oral health, function and cosmetics. Even if you don’t know the answer off of the top of your head, the trained professionals will work with you to find the best solution.

Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentist Checks

Before making a recommendation, there are many parts of your mouth that Dr. Mobasser must examine. “The hard tissue” is one such area. To be clear, when we say “the hard tissue,” we mean your bone level. Additionally, we’ll look at the height and width of your bones as well. Then, we have to make a determination about “the soft tissue.” These are your gums. If they’re diseased or otherwise have problems (such as asymmetry) that must be taken into account. In fact, many of these tests are to see whether certain parts of your mouth are healthy or diseased. That includes checking the “TMJ,” which stands for “temporomandibular joint.” Depending on these tests, Dr. Mobasser will either recommend the dental reconstruction or determine that there’s a better procedure that will be more perfect for you.

Before Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Muscles, Color and More

When we think about what goes into a dental reconstruction, we may think that all that matter is the teeth and gums. That’s not really the case. Dr. Mobasser has to make sure that your muscles are hyperactive or not.  On top of that, he has to see what the color and size of your teeth are. Indeed, there is a perfect length and ratio for your smile, which is what Dr. Mobasser is always trying to get to. Often, this works off of the “Dental Golden Proportions,” which comes from Da Vinci’s Principal of Golden Proportion.” In addition to that, Dr. Mobasser has to see what your facial and lip structure is. The top edge of your upper teeth versus your lip line itself is one of the several things that Dr. Mobasser has to take into account before determining the right course of action for you.

Bite Analysis

When your bite is incorrect or “off,” it can lead to a host of problems. This is exactly the kind of thing that a full mouth reconstruction can help with quite a bit. That being said, this is something that has to be precise. So, Dr. Mobasser or one of his associates does a full and complete bite analysis. If there’s a problem with your bite, no matter how slight, they’ll find it. Better to know about a potential bite issue ahead of time and head it off instead of having to fix it later on.

Of course, Dr. Mobasser is always aware of whether or not clients need endodontics treatment. They may have damaged nerves or some kind of thermal sensitivity. With this lengthy list, it’s important to note that these are just some of the factors that Dr. Mobasser takes into account. There are actually more. The reason for all these evaluations is simple: Dr. Mobasser wants to make sure that you get the right dental procedure for your needs. He believes in doing the least invasive option as much as possible, maintaining as much of your natural organic tooth structure as can be done. That way, you’ll have the most natural smile possible. Of course, Dr. Mobasser can help you to get your best smile no matter what. Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at (310) 550-0383 or messaging through our site.

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