Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles for Hyperactive Gag Reflex

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Sedation dentistry in Los Angeles offers several benefits especially to patients suffering from hyperactive gag reflex. At Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s dental office, you can be sure that when you undergo sedation dentistry, you are in safe hands. 

sedation dentistry los angeles

Gag Reflex Issue 

Having hyperactive gag reflex can be a great problem for the patient and the dentist. If you have this condition, everything about dentistry becomes difficult. 

It presents a significant hindrance, from undergoing dental fillings to taking x-rays to have your teeth cleaned. 

It is not a common condition but some patients struggled to overcome it. But with the assistance of Dr. Anthony Mobasser and his sedation dentistry service, you can undergo any dental procedure despite your hyperactive gag reflex. 

Some patients with this condition fear of going to the dentist. But this fear can only cause delay of a simple procedure that is vital to maintain dental health. If you do not treat even small dental issues because of your gag reflex, these can cause a more complicated problem. 

Complex dental issues can easily lead to extensive solutions that can become expensive.  With sedation dentistry, however, your hyperactive gag reflex will be put behind you. That is, you will be at ease while sitting in Dr. Mobasser’s chair. 

Other Benefits of Sedation Dentistry 

Apart from making the dental procedure a lot easier for patients with a hyperactive gag reflex, sedation dentistry will also assist patients with moderate to severe dental phobia. It is also useful if you need to undergo an extensive dental procedure. 

If you have highly sensitive gums or teeth, then this dentistry solution can be of great use. 

Get Into a Relaxed State 

There are no specific causes of hyperactive gag reflex. It is just a condition that causes you to gag. 

Any activity that brushes your soft palate can stimulate and cause you to gag. While undergoing a dental procedure, some dental instruments or solutions can stimulate the soft palate, thereby, urging you to gag. 

However, this can be resolved by putting you into a relaxed state. But many patients of Dr. Anthony Mobasser wonder about its safety. 

Generally, sedation dentistry is safe. However, it must only be done by an experienced dentist. 

When you are sedated, Dr. Mobasser will monitor your vital signs closely. You can still talk to Dr. Mobasser while undergoing treatment. However, you may choose to be in a sleep-like state so you will be fully relaxed. 

It is a safe procedure and it is also painless. When it comes to the level of sedation, Dr. Mobasser will assess your condition first. 

General anesthesia is a great option if you wish to be completely unaware during the entire procedure. In here, you will sleep throughout the procedure. 

Then again, Dr. Mobasser will first assess your condition. In some cases, mild sedation is a better option. In here, you are fully awake. But you are more relaxed. The conscious state is a type of sedation dentistry in Los Angeles that makes you aware of your surroundings. 

But if you need to speak, you will be slurring words. This type of sedation will also result in you not remembering much of the procedure. 

Is Deep Sedation Useful? 

Deep sedation is typically the choice if you have an extremely active gag reflex. In this situation, you are on your edge of consciousness. However, you can be easily awakened, whenever necessary. 

There are several types of dentistry sedation. But each person reacts to it differently. That’s why Dr. Mobasser will first study your condition before he will recommend the type of sedation suitable for your case. 

Despite it being generally safe, there are still risks involved. Dr. Mobasser will study your medical history to determine whether or not there will be complications. 

Overall, sedation dentistry helps you relax while undergoing a dental procedure. You can be conscious or partly conscious. 

As to the best sedation dentistry in Los Angeles, it will always depend on your condition and the procedure you will go through. 

No matter what type of sedation you need, it is important to remember to ensure that the dentist who will administer is well-experienced. At Dr. Mobasser’s dental office, an anesthesiologist will be working with Dr. Mobasser to monitor your situation. 

You will never get to worry about not waking up again because the sedation level is enough for the procedure to complete. 

Once the treatment is done, you will be awake. The sedation level is tailored to your needs. In that case, the dosage is proper and comfortable for you. 

Undergo a Dental Procedure with No Pain 

Sedation dentistry is a solution if you have a dental phobia or hyperactive gag reflex. Take the time to consult with our sedation dentist in Los Angeles to know whether or not you can take advantage of this solution. 

Call our office today to inquire more about sedation dentistry in Los Angeles or schedule an appointment: (310)550-0383

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