Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles to Solve Teeth Grinding Habit

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Teeth grinding can cause serious side effects on your teeth. Have them checked by our cosmetic dentist in Los AngelesDr. Anthony Mobasser will not only help you bring back the perfect structure of your pearly whites, but he can also assist you in putting a halt to your teeth grinding at night. 

From time to time, most people grind or clench their teeth. It could be because they are angry or they are thinking about something. 

But occasional teeth grinding can cause harm. Medically known as bruxism, this condition can damage your oral health and lead to other dental health complications. 

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Why Some People Grind Their Teeth? 

Typically, teeth grinding occurs while you are sleeping. One of the reasons is that you have an abnormal bite or crooked teeth. Another reason is that you have a sleep disorder. 

Because teeth grinding occurs at night or during sleep, most people are unaware of it. To find out if you are clenching your teeth while sleeping, you will experience constant headaches upon waking up, which is a convincing symptom of teeth grinding. 

You may also ask your loved one to observe you while sleeping. Your partner can hear the grinding at night.

If you think that you have teeth grinding habit, talk to your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. Dr. Anthony Mobasser will examine your mouth for any signs of bruxism, and he can recommend some treatments for this habit. 

Mouth Guard 

One of the effective treatments is a mouth guard. However, this solution does not completely resolve teeth grinding, rather, it will only protect your teeth from the side effects of grinding. 

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On the other hand, if your teeth grinding results from stress, you need to seek a therapist. Or you may attend stress counseling. 

Muscle relaxants may help. However, before you take any medicines for this condition, you must talk to your doctor. 

If a sleeping disorder causes the grinding, you should talk to your physician about eliminating it. 

Another reason for teeth grinding is TMJ. Treating it can significantly reduce this habit. The best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles offers TMJ treatment. Expect up to 6 months to get a maximum improvement of your TMJ disorder. 

The Harmful Effects of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can have harmful effects on your oral health, and it can fracture teeth or loosen them. If left untreated, it may wear your teeth down. 

When that happens, Dr. Anthony Mobasser may recommend crowns, implants, partial dentures, and bridges, among other treatments. 

You need to treat this condition because if this habit becomes severe, it can result in tooth loss. It also affects your jaws and worsens your TMJ. In some cases, it may change your facial appearance. 

Dental Crowns after Teeth Grinding 

Once the teeth grinding problem has been treated, the best cosmetic dentists will start to correct any damages that teeth grinding has created. The most common treatment is a dental crown. 

Clenching your teeth can chip or crack your teeth. A porcelain tooth crown can be applied to make your teeth even. Dental crowns are effective in this situation and are considered long-lasting dental cosmetic solutions. 

If your teeth have worn down, porcelain veneers can be applied instead of dental crowns, and they can mimic the natural look of your teeth. 

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This cosmetic solution can correct your teeth and have them in the proper length and size. Keep in mind that cleaning can affect the length of your teeth. They are also worn straight across. With porcelain veneers, you can achieve an amazing smile. 

The Role of Cosmetic Bonding 

Teeth grinding can compromise the integrity of the neighboring teeth. But our cosmetic dentist can repair any chipped teeth because of grinding. After repair, you will start to enjoy having a gorgeous smile. 

But before you undergo these treatments, you must address your teeth grinding. It will be useless to repair the damage caused by teeth grinding if clenching or grinding has not been resolved. 

Remember that dental crowns, veneers, and bonding are strong and durable, but they can still crack when put too much pressure on them through teeth grinding. 

Teeth grinding treatment is necessary to halt this habit from damaging your teeth. Wear and will arise quickly when the enamel is stripped. 

When the enamel has been completely stripped, it exposes the dentin layer, making your teeth sensitive and painful. 

For that reason, you must solve your teeth-grinding habit to continue enjoying an amazing smile. 

Do Not Delay 

If you have this habit, you must consult our cosmetic dentist in LA. Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s dental office offers customized treatment for teeth grinding. 

When you visit his office, he will thoroughly examine your oral health. With proper examination, he can give you the right treatment. 

To schedule an appointment with the cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, please call (310) 550-0383

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