What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry in cosmetic dentistry has played a major role in transforming smiles for clients while they are relaxed and sleeping. It is specifically beneficial for patients with low tolerance to pain, medically compromised, having gagging reflex, or simply do not get numb easily!

Many patients worry if sedation dentistry is safe? As long as the treating cosmetic dentist does not also administer IV Sedation himself, and has done numerous sleep dentistry cases and works with a licensed Anesthesiologist who administers the Iv sedation and monitors the patient, it is as safe as routine dentistry done under local, however you will not feel anything nor remember anything right after the Iv Sedation, but you still cooperate with your dentist while you are under! amazing. 

In cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry has grown its popularity for the past few years because of its numerous benefits. It’s not only beneficial for patients, but it’s also ideal for dentists who’ll perform complex dental procedures.

Overcoming fear and anxiety

It is one of the primary benefits of sedation dentistry. Patients who suffer from a phobia would usually delay their dental treatment because they fear the needles and the dental procedures. With the use of sedation, patients will be more relaxed. They’re also free from stress while the dentist performs the procedure, they do not have to hear the drilling sounds nor worry about heart palpitation.

Although it may cause amnesia on the day you are going through sedation dentistry, it’s considered by patients as a benefit as they won’t have a recollection of any pain, discomfort, or noise.

While you’re relaxing, you will easily cooperate with your dentist.

Lesser appointments

Longer procedures may require more appointments. But with sedation dentistry, you can easily endure longer dental procedures without the discomfort and exhaustion from maintaining an open mouth for a longer period. Because of this, your dentist can complete more necessary procedures in one sitting. Thus, it decreases the frequency of visits.

Sedation dentistry is highly recommended for patients who are working on a very tight schedule, who want to get most of their dental treatment done and over with in shortest period of time.
Dr Mobasser recommends sedation dentistry for some of his out of state or out of country patients who want the treatment completed in the shortest period of time, and do not want to feel a thing!

How much Sleep Dentistry Cost?
The cost of sedation dentistry varies depending on their years of experience, and expertise. In los Angeles or Beverly hills, the Anesthesiologist average charge is about $600/ hr, however depending on your condition and needs, and the amount of hours necessary to complete your dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, this figure fluctuates.

Save Money?

Sedation dentistry requires you to pay extra dollars and cost besides your cosmetic dentistry procedure you are seeking. So, you may think that it’s pretty ironic to say that it can help you save money. However, this procedure will allow your dentist to complete your treatment for longer hours but with lesser visits. Time is money for a lot of busy ceo, or high end business executives.

It is especially perfect for individuals who don’t like waiting in a dentist’s office. You will be seen exactly on the time scheduled and all is planned by the dentist and anesthesiologist as to exact time required and what must be accomplished in that time frame.

Sleep Dentistry

There’s no pain, no worries.

It is one of the most obvious reasons sedation dentistry is getting more popular these days. Patients no longer have to put up with any discomfort while undergoing a dental procedure.

As sedation dentistry in cosmetic dentistry has become widely available, patients no longer have a reason to miss the dream smile they always wanted or delay their necessary treatments. Call our celebrity dentist Dr Anthony Mobasser for consult today!



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