Is It True That Having Bad Teeth Is Hereditary?

Some people rarely get cavities or have gum disease even if they have poor oral hygiene habits. Other people, on the other hand, are still getting cavities despite their excellent care of their teeth. Thus, a lot of you may ask if having bad teeth is hereditary? 

The Genetic Factors

It’s like your eye color. The makeup of your teeth is inherited, even your gums. You may inherit your father’s massive jaw, but you can blame your mother for your small teeth. The genetic factors of your tooth shape, tooth size and the size of your jaw affect how straight your teeth can be. You may also inherit your mom’ softer enamel causing your teeth to be vulnerable to cavities.

You can also blame your genes for having gum disease. But other genetic factors are said to have a more indirect effect. These factors will include your preference for sweet foods, acid reflux, and behavioral tendencies. All of these can be inherited, and they can lead to having poor oral hygiene, which can ultimately damage your teeth.

Greater Predictor of Tooth Health

Although it’s true that having bad teeth may be inherited, you should still practice excellent oral hygiene as it’s a greater predictor of your tooth’s health. Your diet and behavioral factors, as well as oral hygiene habits, are key predictors of having healthy teeth or bad teeth.

If you’ve neglected dental care when you were young, it could lead to tooth and gum problems. While your teeth develop, you need to eat calcium-rich foods to make sure that your teeth will become stronger and less vulnerable to cavities.

You must also remember that your bad habits can affect the development of your teeth. These bad habits will include thumb-sucking, using your pearly whites to open packages or sucking pen caps, or chewing on ice can cause your tooth to chip or crack.

Of course, if you avoid your bi yearly dental appointments, you’re more likely to catch teeth problems. Then, if you smoke, you may experience gum disease, tooth decay. And if you consume excessive sugary or acidic drinks or foods, you’re more likely to suffer from a weak enamel, sensitivity to cold and hot food.

Despite those genetic factors, you must still follow proper oral hygiene habits as they remain as the greatest predictor of your teeth health. Despite heredity factor of poor gums or soft enamel, Dr Anthony Mobasser can help you keep your teeth for the rest of your life! With his preventative dental care tailored and customized to your mouth, You will be assured enjoying your original teeth for the rest of your life, and do not worry about dental implants or false teeth.

With that being said, you must follow your dentist’s advice. Then, you must brush and floss regularly. Using a fluoride toothpaste can be a help, and there is alternatives for patients wanting to have holistic dentistry to save their teeth for the rest of their lives. As much as possible, avoid eating sugary foods or drinking acidic beverages. When you take good care of your teeth, they can last a lifetime.

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