Dental Reconstruction

Before and After photos are a major testament to a dentist’s dental reconstruction skill. Dental reconstructive services are usually helpful for patients suffering from short worn-out teeth, especially in the back area of the mouth due to possible erosion, grinding, a bad bite, clenching, missing teeth, shifted teeth, TMD disorders, or simply old restorative dentistry failing.

Chances are that if you like the results of the before and after images, you will be pleased with your own results. Below is a sampling of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s full mouth reconstruction treatment as an artistic cosmetic dentist in which the bite and occlusion were restored and rehabilitated in the back area of the mouth to give room for front teeth to be more youthful and younger. If you like what you see, call us for your appointment at 310-596-3009.

Before and After Pictures  Dental Reconstruction

Short discolored worn-out smile was rehabilitated with full mouth dental reconstruction. The bite (occlusion) was restored to a comfortable position, so patient can have a balanced bite and function in addition to a younger looking dazzling smile.

Dr. Mobasser was able to give this patient a smile makeover which took 10 years off his face. The patient was in a famous rock and roll band in which many years ago had chosen to put a diamond in his front tooth, but wanted a new younger look. The procedures performed to craft this smile included the following:

lengthening the lower front teeth by adding porcelain to the back teeth, porcelain veneers onlays and overlays, all porcelain crowns, all porcelain bridges, Holistic dentistry and instant orthodontics to put his teeth in line.

The result: the comfort and thrill of a new Smile, looking and functioning great, which is priceless.

Dental Rehabilitation of Short Teeth Before and After Pictures:

Short Teeth With Gaps Before and After Dental Reconstruction

This patient experienced TMJ pain and bite (occlusion) problems, as well as discolored, short and chipped teeth in front upper and lower teeth. With dental reconstruction and using Leonardo Da Vinci’s Principle of Golden Proportion.

Before and After full mouth dental reconstruction

Full mouth dental reconstruction was completed, to rehabilitate the worn-out bite and increase the height of back teeth to leave room for the front teeth to look more youthful.

The back teeth were restored with Emax porcelain crowns, and the front 8 teeth were restored with veneers and dental veneer overlays, utilizing Emax porcelain. Note the beauty of porcelain and lifelike porcelain to mimic natural teeth color, giving it a natural white pearly look!

Dental Reconstruction Rehabilitation before and after photos

The patient presented with worn-out short teeth wanted a younger and fuller smile, have been complaining about the color of her teeth and bite ( occlusal disease), wanting longer teeth and staggered look with self-confidence. Our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony Mobasser was able to transform her smile from a mediocre smile to an astonishing smile, restoring form and function.

Her misaligned teeth were corrected with porcelain veneers and onlays, and her bite was corrected with new porcelain crowns and replacing the defective bridge with a healthy all-porcelain bridge. The result she wanted is priceless.

After Dental Reconstruction
Before Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
After Dental Reconstruction
After Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation