Full Mouth Reconstruction In Beverly Hills

Take your smile to the next level! Dr. Mobasser is one of the best full mouth reconstruction dentists in Beverly Hills. His passion is transforming smiles that lasts a long time and satisfying each patient. With Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, you will be getting the very best treatment that improves your oral health and your life. Full mouth reconstruction is restoring each individual tooth to an ideal beauty, function, and proper bite (occlusion).

Depending on each patients needs, there are various treatment such as porcelain veneers, veneer overlays, porcelain onlays, porcelain bridges, porcelain crowns, tooth implants , Periodontics, Endodontics, sedation dentistry, custom shading and many other procedures to complete your mouth reconstruction. Dr Mobasser, as a full mouth reconstructive dentist specialist works with his other dream team specialists, such as Oral Surgeon or Endodontist to deliver a healthy perfected mouth.

Getting the aesthetic and healthy smile can take you a long way! Not only does restoring your mouth help you build confidence and boost self-esteem, it also revitalizes your oral health which effects your systemic health. Full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills by Dr. Mobasser eliminates infections that cause tooth loss and other long term damage in your mouth, and gives you optimal form and function of the masticatory system.

Knowing the Basics for Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Patients with major tooth damage such as: acid erosion, bulimic condition, short front teeth as the result of grinding, or bruxing habit, tooth loss, shifted teeth, worn out dentistry, old dentistry, TMJ pain due to bite collapse, and many other conditions are likely candidates for Dr. Mobasser’s Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills. This treatment is designed to help tackle medical conditions such as gum disease and fractured teeth.

These oral issues can cause imbalance in other parts of the body which affect your overall health. Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills by Dr. Mobasser is effective at eliminating infections caused by plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis, occlusal trauma, mal-occlusion and more. Full mouth reconstruction will definitely eliminates discoloration of your teeth, gives you a red carpet ready smile and restores functionality to your bite.

Choosing to get Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills by Dr. Mobasser will lessen symptoms such as headaches, lack of sleep, and bad breath caused by improper oral care, old leaking dentistry, worn out dentistry.

Before and After

Patient below came in due to bite problem (occlusal disease), cross bite, worn out teeth, not happy with form, color and function of her teeth. Wanted a younger look, fuller teeth upon smiling, and more rejuvenated smile. Full mouth reconstruction was done in our Beverly hills office in 3 visits, the patient can not be happier with the final outcome. This full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation was priceless!

After Dental ReconstructionBefore Full Mouth Reconstruction
After Dental ReconstructionAfter Full Mouth Reconstruction

The Full mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

First, Dr. Mobasser will need to gather knowledge about each patient’s previous oral history and health. Dr. Mobasser understands that a patient’s needs are important, and he ensures satisfactory results with Full Mouth Reconstruction procedures he treats his patients. He will be needing to have his own records taken, which starts with comprehensive exam, digital x-rays, cast study models, intra oral digital photos, and bite analysis to diagnose the root cause of the problem , and propose you an ideal treatment.

Of course you will know about the risks , benefits, pros, cons, cost, and duration it will take to complete your full mouth rehabilitation. This treatment can replace missing teeth, worn teeth, restore damaged teeth, your occlusion, gums, and more. If you are a victim of a mouth injury, multiple decayed teeth, tooth loss, fractured teeth, or experience jaw and muscle pain Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills is best suited for you.

Dr. Mobasser will design your smile and increase oral health with Full Reconstruction in Beverly Hills .

The Steps

The steps for full mouth Reconstruction starts with giving the patient a health gums and bone without infection. After is the restoration of worn out teeth or decayed teeth with least invasive dental procedures such as porcelain veneers or veneer overlays, old bridges was replaced by new all porcelain bridge and decayed teeth with crowns were replaced with new porcelain crown.

The master ceramist in our Beverly hills office is an artist just as our cosmetic dentist to provide the patient with more fuller smile, and listen to patients wants and needs. The bite and occlusion was perfected with Dr Anthony Mobasser who has practiced in Beverly Hills for more than 3 decades, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction. The end result is joyous patient and the value is priceless.

Full mouth reconstruction in Beverly HillsBefore Full Mouth Reconstruction
After Dental ReconstructionAfter Full Mouth Reconstruction

Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The cost of full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation of your mouth is not cheap and it depends on the complexity of your case. It is best to have your complete evaluation done first, so the treatment plan is done, all your concerns are addressed and of course the duration of the treatment is discussed, so depending on the complexity of case, the fee will be discussed with you prior to commencing your treatment.