Do I need a veneer? What other options do I have?

“I have a slight vertical crack in my front tooth. There’s no pain and it is not very noticeable except to me and my dentist. He mentioned getting 1 veneer (I’d get 2 if it’s my only option so the 2 front teeth match) but is there something else I can do and worth looking into?”

Since your crack on your front tooth is vertical and not horizontal, and it hardly shows with no sensitivity, you do not need veneer dental treatment necessarily.
Your options are as follow:, Do not do anything, wear a night guard, seal the tooth and observe, place dental bonding to again seal and repair the crack, possibly a no prep veneer, such as lumineer and last option is to have dental porcelain veneer.

Keep in mind, that Porcelain veneer is irreversible dental cosmetic procedure, meaning tooth structure needs to be removed and prepared. Lumineers however is a no prep,( no removal of tooth structure) but is will slightly be bulkier than veneer, but again it all depends on your clinical examination. You need to try to avoid chewing on ice,and be more cautious regarding biting on hard foods, since you do have a crack.

Porcelain veneer can strengthen your tooth, but again before having it done, many factors must be considered vs a no prep or lumineer or other options mentioned above.

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist