Can my teeth be corrected without jaw surgery?

Can my teeth be corrected without jaw surgery Celebrity Dentist

“I had braces and a palatal expander from when I was 13 until age 16. I did not turn the expander as directed by my dentist, nor did I wear my retainer. I’m now 22, and my teeth have shifted. I went to 2 orthodontists, both of which said I would need jaw surgery to have a “perfect” bite. However, I am against jaw surgery, which I’m not willing to do. One orthodontist suggested Invisalign for 24 months. What problems do you see with my teeth, and what do you suggest?”

Yes, we do it all the time, and we hear a constant theme from our patients that they are told the only way they can have a normal bite is through surgery. The science is called Neuro-muscular dentistry. It uses a TENS machine to relax the jaw muscles and a computer that will track your lower jaw. As doctors, we can utilize this data to find your physiological correct bite position. Good luck, Dr. David Frey

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