How do I improve the look of my smile? My teeth are not level and there’s a small gap between my two front teeth.

“Hello, I have a question regarding the aesthetics of my teeth. I have a couple pictures of my smile right now and a picture of how I want them to be. My main concerns have to do with the length of my teeth not being level with one another and a small gap between my two front teeth. What would I need done and how much would it typically cost? Thank you very much!”

You have many options for your new smile makeover:
1- cosmetic re contouring of your teeth
2- Dental bonding
3- Orthodontics
4-Dental porcelain veneers
You do have a young smile, and a step on your centrals, which in hollywood most older people want to have a step in their front two teeth. Depending on your age,your bite (occlusion)  and how big the nerves of your teeth are, I advise you to have the least invasive treatment. The cost of treatment can be anywhere from $250 to thousands of dollars.