Create a Bridge to your Perfect Smile

Dental bridges do precisely that: They bridge the gap between missing teeth. When teeth are missing, other teeth may drift out of place to fill the spaces. Also, these spaces leave your gums and remaining teeth open to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Top cosmetic dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser can create a dental bridge tailored to your particular needs. The bridge is a false tooth that will fuse between two porcelain crowns and fill any existing gap. These appliances will also reduce your gum disease risk, help correct various bite issues and even improve your speech.

CANDIDATES You’ll want to consider a bridge if you have missing teeth and good oral hygiene habits. Discuss with Dr. Mobasser whether this is the cosmetic dentistry procedure for you.

TYPES OF BRIDGES Traditional Fixed Bridges are cemented to two crowns on either side of the false tooth. Dr. Mobasser will use this procedure to replace one or more missing teeth. Unlike partial dentures, fixed bridges can’t be removed. Resin Bonded Bridges are primarily used for your front teeth. This less-expensive bridge works best when the teeth abutting your gap are healthy without large fillings. Dr. Mobasser will fuse your new false tooth with metal bands that are bonded to the abutting teeth with an invisible resin. A resin-bonded bridge requires less preparation required for the adjacent teeth. Cantilever Bridges may be your best option if Dr. Mobasser replaces teeth in less stressful areas, such as your front teeth. Only healthy and strong teeth are helpful for this procedure as it anchors your false tooth to one or both sides of your natural teeth. If you practice strict oral hygiene, fixed and cantilever bridges may last as many as ten years or more.

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PROCEDURE Your bridge will be custom-made to look natural and feel comfortable. For this procedure, Dr. Mobasser will attach the bridge to the teeth on either side of your gap. The process begins with the prepping of your anchor teeth. After applying a mild anesthetic, Dr. Mobasser will remove a portion of each abutting tooth to create the space specific to the thickness of your crown. He may leave any fillings as a foundation for the new crown. Dr. Mobasser will then take an impression of the prepped area, which will serve as a model for the dental lab creating your tailored bridge, false teeth, and crowns. You may receive a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums until your next visit. At your next visit, Dr. Mobasser will install your final bridge and check for proper fit before adjusting for any bite discrepancies. He’ll then cement the new bridge to your teeth.

PROS AND CONS The advantage of dental bridges is that they are long-lasting, have a natural appearance, and usually require only two visits to a cosmetic dentist. A disadvantage is that your teeth may be mildly sensitive to extreme temperatures for a few weeks after your new bridge has been installed. If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, the bacteria built up from food acids may result in infection.

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With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Mobasser uses advanced techniques and top-tier technologies to correct imperfections in your teeth, giving you a perfect smile.

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