How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses the price points and different types of dental bridges.

A lot of people ask me, how much does a dental bridge cost? It really depends on how many teeth are missing, what’s the condition of the abutment teeth? That means the teeth that is holding the bridge together. And also it depends of any level of cavities that might be in those teeth, how’s the periodontal condition of the tooth, and how badly the teeth that are holding the bridge are shifted, and does it need a special customization in doing the bridge? Does your gum go all the way up when you’re having the bridge done, let’s say in the front when you’re having the bridge done, do you show your gums?

You don’t show your gums? All of those factors are very essential as far as quoting you a price. And it’s not really fair for me to tell you something when I have not seen you. But what we do, we have a complimentary consultation in which you can come in. I have to take a look at your teeth, I got to take a look at your bite.

I got to see how many teeth it’s involved. And then after that, of course, we give you a price, and I will coach you what’s needed before doing the bridge so that we are all on the same page and you get the best quality bridge that lasts you a lifetime. Having said that, please give us a call at 310-550-0383 and we go from there.

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