Dental Porcelain crown vs Dental implant , If I have a fractured tooth?

Dental Porcelain crown vs Dental implant


Dr Mobasser received this question:

Q:I am debating between post plus a crowns and implants. I want to know how much each of them cost and lifetime of a post crown. In case of a fracture in the future, can the post crown be replaced? Or can implants be done after the fracture of post crown? What is the replacement procedure and how much would it cost?

A: Since our dental office specialize in dental crowns porcelain crowns, and Dental Implants, my best advice is to keep your natural tooth, and is best to conserve your own original tooth structure. Dental Crown and post does not require surgery, it can be done within a week, the cost can be anywhere from $2000 and up. The benefit for you, is that you can have your tooth that functions and looks great!Dental post and a porcelain crown can be done for you even if your tooth is fractured above your gum line, and if decay is not extended to the roots or bone. If for any reason in the future your dental crown with post failed, you can always do Dental Implants!

If your root is fractured, or the extent of the decay is below the gum line extending to your bone, or if the root of your tooth is not long enough to support a dental crown, then unfortunately you have no choice but to extract your tooth. At this point you have a choice of dental bridge or a dental implant. If the adjacent tooth next to the extracted teeth are virgin (meaning there is no dental crown, or large fillings on them ) then, a tooth implant is your best choice.Dental implant is surgical procedure which we substitute your root in the first dental surgery, wait for healing couple of months, then a second surgery is required to expose the tooth implant to see if it is integrated with your bone. If so then you need a to have a post and a dental crown fabricated, on top of your dental implants. The time expected for you to start to finish can take anywhere from 3 months and up to a year, and a lot depends on your bone, and your occlusion and bite.the surgical part of tooth implant depending on the bone quality is anywhere from $1750 and up, the placement of dental crown and post in addition to the dental implant is anywhere from $2000 and up, depending on the experience of your dentist and your cosmetic needs.

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