Can veneers or Crowns be reshaped after placement?

Can veneers or Crowns be reshaped after placement

Once Dental Veneers in porcelain or Dental crowns are bonded permanently to your tooth, it is very hard to reshape and in most cases needs to be redone if unfortunately you do not like the color or the shape. Porcelain Veneers or crowns  can be reshaped by your dentist, however the smooth surface is never going to have the glaze or the polish as the original, and you might not like the rough unglazed surface. In almost all cases the dentist will show you the veneer or the crown in your mouth and once it is approved by the patient, the dentist will permanently cement or bond the veneer. You need to check the color and shape beforehand.

There are few exceptions, in which patients want to reshape the edge of their porcelain veneers, maybe too long, or make the corners more rounded, this can be done, and accomplished by an expert dentist. If too much is taken off, the dentist can not add porcelain back on the veneer or crown. Also if the veneer is made of composite and not porcelain, reshaping can be done.
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