What You Can Do To Change Your Bite, Smile, and Teeth

What You Can Do To Change When Teeth are Crooked
My teeth are crooked and horrible. It affects my smile and holds me back from laughing propeller. It also affects my confidence, and it causes me terrible depression. I am 30 years young. Is there any way I can get porcelain veneers or implants, as I have a lot missing? Or do you have any advice on what to do? I’ve rung the dentist but keep reaching dead ends; please help me get my life back so depressed.
Dr. Mobasser advises:
Looking at your picture, you need a comprehensive examination and Evaluation; there is the possibility of orthodontic treatment for the correct lineup of teeth. As dentists, we must ensure that your teeth’ foundation is in excellent health before commencing restoration or dental reconstruction. The missing teeth or teeth can either be restored with dental bridges or possibly teeth implants; Your bite needs to be balanced on all 28 or 32 teeth; as far as the looks, you will probably need a combination of all porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, lumineers or no prep veneer onlays, to transform your smile to a celebrity smile. I think the less invasive the procedure, the better you are. You may contact us at 310-550-0383 or visit www.celebritydentist.com.
For some before and after pictures of dental reconstruction when teeth are crooked, look here  https://celebritydentist.com/before-after/full-mouth-reconstruction-ba/
To find out more about your full mouth reconstruction, click here  https://celebritydentist.com/full-mouth-reconstruction/.

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