Bad smell around crown, best suitable treatment option?

Bad smell around crown, best suitable treatment option
Bad smell around crown, best suitable treatment optionThere was an Root canal procedure performed in two of my incisor teeth 3 year back. from last 6 months I am suffering from smell problem around the crown. some time white substance came out after pressing the gum from inside, it started with a swelling in the gums of that area now that problem gone, no symptom only bad smell,and x ray shows a small black area around one of the teeth. my dentist advised me a small surgery and crown replacement or tooth extraction and implant. which option is most suitable for me?Dr Mobasser advises :
Bad smell or Halitosis usually can originate from an ill fitting dental crown, or a root canal that has gone bad, First depending on the infection, the root canal needs to be redone, and gum treatment plus a new porcelain crown must be redone for the teeth with infection. It is always BEST to save your natural tooth rather than more invasive procedures! Nothing is better than your own tooth in your mouth !!!
If the infection is so bad that compromised the root, and it is not salvageable, then your other option is to extract the infected tooth and restore your smile with a dental bridge, Your teeth must be evaluated to see if you are a candidate for porcelain bridge, specially if the other teeth adjacent to the extracted teeth have already a porcelain crown.

If your other teeth adjacent to the pulled tooth are virgin, meaning no large fillings, or cavities, then  possibly a tooth dental implant. Again the bone must be evaluated to see if you need a bone graft, or if the implant can fit in your mouth. For more information regarding your choices, you can contact Dr Anthony Mobasser at 310-550-0383, or visit us at