Dental work question regarding costs, options for extensive work which is not cheap and no insurance?

Dental work question regarding costs, options for extensive work which is not cheap and no insurance

Dentists in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills have different fees for the dental services they render, It all depends on the quality of care, the know how of the dentist, experience, their facility, and of course the severity of the case to be treated. Dentistry which last a long time, and looks good is not cheap. The fact that you do not have insurance does not change the fees, and dental insurance is just a little help, since dental insurances always have a maximum they pay out per year, which can be anywhere from $500 to $3000 per year for group insurances. Also be informed that they pay 50 to 80% of their own insurance fees, and not your dentist fee he is charging, so in some ways you are better off not having the dental insurance, since the fees you pay for your dental insurance monthly is basically reimbursed to the dentist when you have treatment done.Unfortunately dental insurance is not like medical insurance, which treatment is covered unlimited.

​ Understand also that higher end dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry or full mouth dental reconstructions are usually not covered by dental insurances, since they do know it is more extensive and expensive procedures, and again each expert dentist have different fees, depending on their expertise and their reputation.
​If you need extensive dentistry or dental treatment, depending on your expectations, you can check with other dentists regarding second opinion, different options, and fees. Bottom line you must trust the treating dentist and be comfortable under his dental care.

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