Should I get some of my teeth shaved down to improve my appearance? They are crowded, but I don’t want Invisalign (Photo)and the Cost ?

Should I get some of my teeth shaved down to improve my appearance

Should I get some of my teeth shaved down to improve my appearanceTeeth Reshaping or dental contouring is one of the dental services the cosmetic dentist can provide you. In my opinion we as dentist must always recommend the least invasive procedure possible first, If you as the patient refuse there are alternatives, with pros and cons discussed. Since invisalign can take many months, and you need to wear multiple retainers and at the end, you still need a dental retainer to avoid further movement of your teeth to the original position.

Cosmetic reshaping of your teeth, is great but you as the patient must know this is an irreversible procedure, meaning once your tooth is cut the original tooth structure is gone, although it can always be augmented with our modern dental material. Having said that teeth reshaping can be done in one office visit. The dentist must evaluate if after contouring, the dentin of your tooth will be exposed or not.If after your tooth reshaping, the dentin is not exposed, you are fine, however if there is dentin exposed you might need a dental bonding to seal your dentin from further wear, since dentin is much softer than the outer layer of your tooth which is the enamel.

The COST of dental reshaping depends on the extent of reshaping needed, and the experience and know how of the dentist,  and is much lower than having invisalign procedure. From looking at your photos, you are able to cosmetically improve your smile, but you do need an evaluation of your bite and teeth before hand.

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