Dental Hygiene Tips From Best Dentist Los Angeles

dental hygiene tips

Your smile, teeth, gums, bite, and dental hygiene are one of the most important parts of health and, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked. It’s easy to save time on your morning routine by quickly brushing your teeth and skipping flossing, but this can lead to major tooth decay, root sensitivity, gum disease, and even halitosis. Teeth don’t heal like most body parts, and not caring for them can lead to permanent damage. If this is the case, you need the best dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser, to remedy and treat the root cause of your oral health issue and provide you with the best dental hygiene tips. Any best dentist in Los Angeles aim is to preserve your tooth structure and keep your teeth healthy and cosmetically pleasing for the rest of your life, free of disease! If you’ve severe tooth decay or poor oral health, you need the most experienced and effective dentist. While there are plenty of good dentists, you need the best dentist to attack the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. You also don’t want to place your dental care in the hands of someone who isn’t reliable.

What causes poor oral health?

Improper care of teeth is easier to fall into than you think. It could be as simple as not replacing your toothbrush as much as you should. Not replacing your toothbrush leads to frayed bristles, which also don’t clean. Also, the buildup of bacteria grows after a certain amount of time, causing more problems. It could also be ineffective flossing. If you floss daily, you may think you’re safe from cavities between your teeth. Still, suppose you improperly floss and don’t floss the sides of your teeth. In that case, you’re more susceptible to cavities, root decay, root sensitivity, periodontal breakdown, and poor dental health, which can also cause and augment systemic disease. When this happens, you should call the Best Dentist, Los Angeles Dr. Anthony Mobasser, to diagnose the reason for the disease, and give you proper advice and a treatment plan, so you stop further breakdown. Another contributor to poor dental health is the wrong toothpaste. While whitening toothpaste can be great, it’s important to ensure it has good oral health ingredients. If your teeth are white, it doesn’t prevent them from cavities or other problems. Gums can also suffer from this. Finally, unfortunately, genetics, your salivary content, and the acidic flora of your mouth play a major role in the preservation of your teeth. Some people’s teeth are stronger or weaker than others due to the acidic environment of your saliva or genetic factor.

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How do I combat poor oral health?dental hygiene tips

Simple changes to your routine can improve your dental health. Making sure you know how to brush or floss properly and that your toothbrush is changed every three to four months is a great start. When buying your new one, make sure it’s the best size for your mouth and the method of brushing and flossing. Additionally, try special non-waxed floss to find out why the floss tears in some teeth and not others. And occasionally brushes with baking powder, salt, and 30% hydrogen peroxide. Finally and most importantly, visit a dentist. When selecting a dentist, we recommend the best dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He is experienced and talented. Visit his website to see how he can give you your best smile!

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