Need to do dental work but can’t afford the best dentist (or any dentist?)

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Dentistry can be expensive but it’s a necessary cost. It’s important to put your health first and address your dental issues instead of avoiding them due to cost. Putting off going to the dentist can cause further issues and actually end up costing more. Still going to the dentist can be frightening when you don’t have much money or any insurance. Luckily we have a few tips for you so you can keep your teeth and your bank account healthy while going to the best dentist. For the purposes of this article we’re going to be assuming you do not have dental insurance and are not capable of getting it through employment and/or a partner or parent.

Planning your payments and being honest

Most dentists are sympathetic to the struggle of not being able to fully afford the work. In these situations they often offer payment plans. These can stretch your payment out over months (and some rare cases years) to make it possible for you to afford. Consider it like taking any other loan, it’s paid down over a set series of months but you get the work up front. However most of the time these loans come with interest so you will end up paying more than you would up front. The loans are often handled through a third party or in house loan company. Be honest with your dentist about your financial situation and you’ll be able to create the best solution. The best dentist will listen and be able to help.Companies such as care credit or Lending club, are just few institutions that are available. The good news is that if you do have a good credit you may even apply for loans and financing thru these companies to get your cosmetic dentistry done also, although cosmetic dentistry is a discretionary dental treatment. They also offer interest free loans up to 6 months.

Private Insurance and Tips

Private insurance is another good option. While not as simple as getting it through a job it offers similar benefits and provides you with good care. Unfortunately the process of getting it can be piecemeal and somewhat difficult. Insurances doesn’t typically cover cosmetic dentistry but that varies depending on the provider. Another great tip is having an emergency dental fund thru your job or the corporation you are working at present. Having these unique plans, thru your employer or corporation can save you stress and money. Finally it’s a good idea if you ask the dentist if they can offer you a percentage off your cost if you prepay your treatment in full. While you may have to skimp on fun events you may save money and not have to worry about loans or insurance payments.

Be aware that even you have dental insurance, the Maximum your insurance pays is $1000 to $2000 per year. This maximum does not mean that if your cost of treatment is $1500, you will be reimbursed the full money back, they will only pay you back a certain percentage of their own fees, which they decide. So usually a patient needs to spend 3 to 4 times the amount of their insurance maximum, to get their maximum back! Be aware that most if not all cosmetic dentistry, or high end dentistry is usually not covered by any insurance company. In the long run, most patients are better off not having dental insurances, since they will get frustrated, for spending too much time with the insurance companies, and at the end do not get reimbursed.

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