Why you need the top dentist for Full Mouth Reconstruction

top dentist for full mouth reconstruction

It’s always important to go to a good dentist to ensure you’re getting the best care. However it’s particularly important when there is major work that needs to be done on your teeth. If done incorrectly it can be extremely difficult to fix later and cause pain or problems with chewing. At its worst it can lead to infection. When considering full mouth reconstruction it’s important to hire a dentist who specializes in the area to achieve the dental health you need. Aesthetics are also important when doing a full mouth reconstruction so it’s a good idea to consult a cosmetic dentist. Make sure you get the top dentist when doing major work to your teeth to guarantee a good result.

top dentist for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do I Really Need One?


Full mouth reconstruction is a major decision so it’s normal to question the necessity of having one. It’s easy to put up with poor teeth when it’s just aesthetic in favor of having to do several procedures. While poor teeth can cause low self-esteem and confidence as well as affect how you view yourself it’s something that can be tolerated by many people who fear dentistry. Unfortunately poor teeth is not just an aesthetic problem. Cavities are common when teeth are poorly placed or angled as food can get between the teeth and cause decay. It’s also harder to ensure that they are fully clean and taken care of. A major issue of having extremely poor teeth with large gaps, awkward angles, or protrusions is the pain that accompanies them. Often times it is incredibly painful to have these issues and the only real solution to them is a full mouth reconstruction. Teeth can also easily become cracked when poorly positioned making reconstruction, and having a top dentist, a more important matter. However the most important, and painful, problem is the stress it puts on your jaw and joints.

What Exactly is It?


This answer varies from client to client as the work is done on an as needed basis. You could potentially have more cavities but better spacing than another client and vice versa, but regardless of the specific work that needs to be done it is a mouth overhaul involving work like veneers and implants. It’s designed for both the look and health of your smile.

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