Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Provides Bad Breath Tips

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Bad Breath Tips

We’ve all experienced it: you’re out at an important function. Maybe you run into someone that can give you a job opportunity that could change your life. Perhaps you’re meeting someone you’re strongly attracted to and want to make a great first impression. Regardless, you run into someone that you want to like. So, you gather yourself and march up to them. You introduce yourself confidently, talk to them… and they get a look on their face. No matter how well it was going, they ended the conversation abruptly and left. As you puzzle out what happened, you realize… it was your bad breath. These are some bad breath tips from our Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist on Bad Breath

It’s important to stipulate here: some people have bad breath that can only be taken care of by a medical professional. For many people, bad breath isn’t something they can take off on their own. So many that Dr. Mobasser has come into contact with over the years do everything they can to ensure that their breath is as fresh and clear as possible, to no avail. When that happens, you need the help of someone who’s been performing cosmetic dentistry for decades. The tips in this article are things to try before you involve a medical professional. If bad breath is bothering you, give these a shot. If they don’t work after some time, you should reach out to Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

Bad Breath Basics

You know you should brush and floss regularly. Most of us have been told this since we were old enough to hold a toothbrush. However, not all of us remember to do so. Indeed, as busy as everyone is nowadays, it can feel like there’s no time to brush whatsoever. However, brushing is still the best way to fight bad breath while making your teeth cleaner and healthier. The benefits of brushing and flossing are much more than just potentially better breath: your teeth can be healthier and withstand more. Of course, when you brush and floss, don’t forget to rinse as well. That’s an important step that’s often overlooked.

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Beyond Brushing

Many of you read the above paragraph and probably thought something: “I’m already brushing, and I still have bad breath.” True. That happens to millions of people. One step to take is to brush more than you already are. If you step up your brushing for longer periods or from twice to three times a day, that can be a great way to improve your breath. Another tip would be to brush your tongue as well. Too many of us overlook that. Your tongue is a bit more sensitive than your teeth. So, you want to be careful in brushing it. That being said, make sure you brush your tongue vigorously. It’s a great way to eliminate the food and plaque that can cause bad breath.

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Healthy Habits for Better Breath

As we all know, smoking and tobacco aren’t good for you. They lessen your health in a variety of ways. Of course, they aren’t good for your breath, either. If you smoke or dip tobacco, the best way you can help your breath in a hurry is to get those out of your life for good. If you eliminate smoking and tobacco from your habits, you could be amazed by how much better your breath gets quickly. It would be best if you stopped those habits anyway, but especially so for the benefit of your breath (as well as anyone around your breath constantly).

Diet is important to your health. Eating right can keep you in good shape, make you feel better, and help your health in various ways. However, some people don’t realize how much their diet can affect their breathing. Foods like onions, curry, and garlic can be great and even be healthy, but they can also harm your breath. You want to be careful when eating foods like this, as they can worsen your breath.

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A dry mouth can lead to bad breath, too. You’ll want sugar-free candy or gum to keep your mouth from being dry. Drinking water regularly while cutting back on alcohol and caffeine can keep your mouth moist, too. Of course, you can do all this and still have toxic breath. Should that happen, you’ll want to call in a professional. Dr. Mobasser can sit down with you and figure out what’s causing your bad breath. Then, we can figure out how to stop it: call us at (310) 550-0383 or go to our site.

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