Why Should You Consider Whitening Your Teeth?

Whether you like it or not, your smile outranks your eyes, body, and hair. In other words, your smile is your most attractive feature. Thus, the need to look your best requires visiting your dentist. If you have dull, stained teeth, you can opt for a teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure that can surely make a difference to your appearance. It can make you look more attractive, or you will look years younger than your real age.

White Teeth Look Better Than Yellow Teeth

It is a simple fact. When you have white teeth, you are more confident to smile and laugh in public. It will not only help you in your personal pursuits but also your career.In recent years, teeth whitening procedures have become increasingly popular. Mostly, the reason patients undergo such procedure is that they desire to have a set of white teeth that looks untouched by drinks and other substances.


Causes of Teeth Discoloration

The most common reason of teeth discoloration is aging. As your enamel gets thinner, it makes your teeth less white. Then, there’s the use of tobacco. If you have the habit of drinking colorful beverages, you can expect to have stained teeth sooner or later. Taking antibiotics frequently will also cause staining. Other reasons will include old fillings and poor dental hygiene.

How to whiten your teeth?

You should only opt to have your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office to ensure the safety of your gums and overall mouth. Teeth whitening treatment lightens the color of your teeth. As a result, you can have brighter, whiter smile. However, it is important to note that the whiteness level will vary from one patient to another. However, the result is still a vast improvement to your overall appearance.

The most popular teeth whitening treatment is the in-office whitening method. Like in-home treatment, in-office uses more powerful whitening agent causing faster whitening effects. It takes up to 90 minutes for it to complete. However, it still varies depending on your case. The whiteness will also rely on the result you want to achieve. Teeth whitening is not advisable to children under 16 years of age. The reason for this is that their pulp chamber is enlarged, and the teeth whitening procedure could irritate the pulp or cause sensitivity. Before you consider teeth whitening, however, make sure that you have talked to your dentist. It is to ensure whether or not this solution is ideal for your case. If you want to have finally, not just white teeth, but healthy, gorgeous smile, talk to the celebrity dentist today and book an appointment. (310) 550-0383

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