When Should You Consider a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is not for every dental patient. Many of us are embarrassed by small chips or stains in our teeth. Others, however, are dealing with bigger dental issues. Unfortunately, these issues can’t be resolved with just one cosmetic dental treatment. If your issues are the result of missing teeth, infection, shifted teeth, bad bite, TMD, gum disease or trauma, worn out teeth, old dentistry or any combination of above then Dr. Anthony Mobasser can help restore your confidence, smile, and function using full mouth reconstruction.

When it’s the best time to consider a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a treatment plan that rebuilds and restores the bite, function and your gorgeous smile . It involves several dentistry options and tackles cosmetic, general and restorative care. Dr. Mobasser will have its full team of specialists consisting of periodontitis, oral surgeons, and Endodontists, and Anesthesiologist to help in rehabilitating your teeth and smile.

Just because you have a tooth decay or a gum disease, doesn’t mean that you need a full mouth reconstruction, or dental reconstruction. our reconstructive dentist, Dr. Mobasser will need to evaluate your full mouth to determine what is best for you. It is possible that if all your teeth are worn down and you desire longer teeth specially for your front teeth, reconstructive dentistry is needed to build up the bite prior to restoring your front teeth to the length and width you want .

Dental Reconstruction may also be considered if your teeth incurred great damage or injury or they’ve been worn down as a result of grinding or eating certain acidic foods. A full mouth reconstruction is also a good option if you’re experiencing facial muscle pain or TMD symptoms. for more detailed information on full mouth reconstruction in our Los Angeles Office click here: https://celebritydentist.com/full-mouth-reconstruction/

Because of its complexity, this procedure should only be carried out by an expert full mouth dentist, like Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He has been practicing in Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills CA for over 26 years. Since he specializes in full mouth dental reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry, He has attracted many patients around the world to come in his Los Angeles private practice to have their mouth rehabilitated and rejuvenated.
With his more than 26 years of vast knowledge and experience in the full mouth dentistry, he has become the leading specialist around the world and the Hollywood movie industry elite.

So where do you start ? what to do if you believe you need a full mouth dental reconstruction?

You will be needing a full mouth comprehensive evaluation in his office. for more information on full mouth evaluation click here: https://celebritydentist.com/why-full-mouth-evaluation-examination-is-necessary-before-you-ask-the-price/
After complete evaluation Dr Mobasser will determine the etiologic factors and your overall condition of your teeth, bone, bite, and gums and determine if they contribute to your symptoms. He also will do a complete dental cosmetic evaluation to design the smile you want.

Once the comprehensive examination is made, he’ll provide you with choices. He will not only discuss the pros of an option, but he will also explain its cons, as well as the risks of every procedure. In this way, you can make sure that you’ve made an informed decision.

It’s important for him that you’re comfortable with your bite before you undergo the final phase of a full mouth dental reconstruction. For more detailed information on dental reconstruction click here: https://celebritydentist.com/dental-reconstruction/
He’ll make sure that the final restoration of your smile can sustain its optimal form and will function permanently. To ensure the longevity of your dazzling smile, you’re automatically enrolled to its preventative dental care.

To make an initial evaluation and examination with the full mouth reconstruction expert, please call us at (310)-550-0383. By appointment Only.

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