Best Cosmetic Dentist in the World

Specializing in enhancing people’s smiles and lives, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is undoubtedly is considered to be one of the best cosmetic dentist in the world. As the top dental veneer dentist, he’s a believer that attractive smiles can enhance the lives of his every patient. As the dentist of dentists, Dr. Mobasser uses only the most updated techniques for cosmetic reconstruction cases and they’re all performed at his private office in LA. Many patients around the world seek his expertize as the go to cosmetic dentist around the globe, and are willing to travel many miles so he could perfect their smile and give patients a smile that is redesigned by the best of the best. Besides his numerous awards, he is the cosmetic dentist to many A List celebrities, professional Athletes, fashion icons and Hollywood elite.

Best veneer Dentist in the world

Dr Mobasser has completed over 8000 dental veneers in his practice s24uccessfully which they are still look amazing after 26 years in his patients mouth. As a cosmetic dentist to the stars he believes in conservation of tooth structure and the least invasive dentistry. He believes the more conservative the treatment the better the final result, with longer longevity and results.  Dr Mobasser designs your dental cosmetics needs to match your face, skin tone, your upper and lower lips, the white of your eyes, the gender and many other factors to match you with the knock out smile you deserve.
Dr Mobasser specializes as a Cosmetic and Reconstructive dentist since 1980, graduated from University of Pennsylvania school of Dental Medicine. He is an expert in veneers, porcelain crowns, rehabilitation dentistry, porcelain brides, dental implants and smile make overs.

Dental veneers are a major contributor to achieving great cosmetic dentistry, and they are more conservative than porcelain crowns.

When it comes to strength and appearance, veneers are comparable to your natural teeth and if done right with the right protocol they can last the longest .

Although some of you may think that they’re only used to mask a dark tooth, dental veneers are widely used as part of a smile makeover procedure. At Dr. Mobasser’s cosmetic dentistry practice, every smile makeover involving dental veneers will start with a thorough evaluation. In this way, he’ll know what you don’t like about your teeth and the type of smile you wish to have.

As the best cosmetic dentist in the world, Dr. Mobasser uses a computer aided smile design to design the smile that you want and fine tune your tooth shapes and colors, according to your wishes.

A preview model is created once you’re ready to proceed with your cosmetic dentistry treatment. The model is useful to check all angles of your mouth for aesthetics and function.

Some cases need bite rehabilitation while others don’t. Some of his cosmetic dentistry treatments does not require anesthesia, such as dental bonding or thin dental veneers that can surely last longer than you think.

No matter how useful and beneficial dental veneers are, they’re not indicated for every case. Initial consultation and evaluation is a must with Dr. Mobasser.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is known to the rich and famous in the US and other parts of the world. He’s the cosmetic dentist that they go to if they wish to have glamorous smiles, which are perfect for cameras, but they don’t include painful methods.

Hollywood celebrities would go to his private dental office because they know that Dr. Mobasser is the only dentist who can give them a perfect full mouth cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. When performing a procedure, Dr. Mobassers always gives his 1000% attention to his patients.

As the best cosmetic dentist in the world, he has been providing a one-day smile transformation that his patients’ need and deserve.

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