What would be the best course of action to fix my teeth?


Obviously i am missing both my lateral incisors on the top. My massively large and pointy canines kinda took up both spots. My bottom teeth are also a little squished together. How can i fix these issues?
A: You have 2 choices:
1- See a  general dentist or an orthodontist to start braces for your missing teeth , push them back so you have room to place a dental implant for your front tooth missing . Before seeing the dentist ask regarding the cost?, duration of treatment? the need for stabilization after teeth movement?
2- See a cosmetic dentist to have instant orthodontics, by making your canines turn to lateral incisors and also make your first premolars turn to canine with porcelain veneers.
If you choose to see an expert cosmetic dentist, after complete records, the doctor must present you with a smile line wax up, in which you can have an idea of hoe your smile and your newly cosmetically designed teeth will look.
You can see a sample of our cosmetic dentistry treatment, similar but more involved than your current smile by clicking here: