What should I do about the gap between my Front teeth?

gap teeth

I have a gap between the two front teeth and don’t know what to do to fix it, my concern with veneers is that the incisors wither side of them are quite small and I don’t want to end up with massive front teeth..

 Options for closing the gaps between your front teeth:

From the looks of your smile and teeth, you have 3 options:

1st- Orthodontic treatment via braces or invisalign, you need a complete evaluation before, the time it takes to close the gap is between 6 months to 2 years, the cost is moderate, and you must think about stabilization of your teeth after satisfactory movement of your teeth, so the teeth do not go back to the original position, meaning you also will need a retainer to wear for a long time.

2nd- You can simply do dental bonding with composite material, to close that gap with an expert qualified cosmetic dentist. My advise is to make sure you love the color of your teeth before you close the gaps! If you want whiter color, you might want to do teeth bleaching prior to having dental bonding and make sure the dentist check you for sensitivity prior you do teeth bleaching, so if additional dental treatment is needed to eliminate your sensitivity, you do it prior to having your teeth whitened and bonded. The cost is less than orthodontics, and the time it takes is quick, usually same day with an expert dentist.For more information on dental bonding click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/dental-bonding/
3rd option- Consider having Dental veneers, either in porcelain or composite. Porcelain veneers, It will look great, very strong, no change in color, the cost for dental veneers in composite or porcelain are more than invisalign or dental bonding, however it is very permanent, it will not chip, looks great and definitely worth it, depending on which dentist is performing procedure and if you want to get the best. It will take 2 visits within one week to get your veneers done. for more insights on dental veneers, click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/dental-veneers/