Veneers vs Lumineers – Which Dental Procedure Is the Right One For You?

veneers vs lumineers

Veneers are always at the center of the conversation when approaching any mouth reconstruction. The procedure known as a full mouth reconstruction is almost exactly what the title implies. It is a treatment that aims at rebuilding and/or replacing all, if not most, of the teeth in the patient’s mouth. It combines restorative dentistry and esthetics to improve the health and function of a person’s mouth while enhancing the aesthetic aspects. When dealing with tooth decay, broken teeth, and pervasive staining, there seems to be an ongoing question a lot of the more knowledgeable patients have. This is a matter of veneers vs. lumineers.

veneers vs lumineers

Veneers vs. Lumineers

Many patients are unsure about what they want when they approach Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the celebrity dentist. Many have heard about veneers, while many others have been told lumineers are the way to go. Well. Don’t worry. We are here to clear up the matter of veneers vs. lumineers. 

What Are Veneers?

You’ve probably heard of veneers, but you might not know exactly what they are. In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are a layer of an artificial material placed over a tooth to protect the tooth surface from damage and improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile. Most commonly, veneers are made of composite or dental porcelain and either fabricated in a dental lab or built up by a cosmetic dentist in the patient’s mouth. These veneers give teeth the natural luster and appearance of a healthy smile, favoring subtlety instead of artificiality. This makes them perfect imitations of your natural teeth’ actual texture, look, and function.

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What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are not separate from veneers. They are a kind of veneer. They are also a layer of artificial material placed over the damaged tooth surface to restore its original look. What makes them different from traditional veneers is that they don’t require the same preparation. When getting lumineers, the application process doesn’t require the more extensive preparation veneers need. They are much simpler to apply because they are more superficial than regular veneers. This makes them a very convenient option for people who don’t have the more structural problems veneers tend to address. If you are unsure about just which one of these methods is best for your situation, don’t worry. Dr. Mobasser is here to help.

Veneers With the Celebrity Dentist

You don’t have to worry about making this decision on your own. Maybe your teeth are structurally appropriate for the use of lumineers. Perhaps you need veneers for some better support. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is here to help you settle on the right procedure. Even now, Dr. Mobasser is engaging in remote consultations whenever possible, limiting actual procedures to emergencies. If you need an emergency procedure or perhaps would like a remote consultation, we can help you out. Call us at (310) 550-0383 or request an appointment using our website. 

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